Announcing Goilala Online

Hi Wantok, Friends, Fans, Loved Ones, Coutrymen¬†and Country Women, this is Goilala’s Blog online. With the¬† advancement and the development thats happening around the world, Its about time we Goilala folks come up think outside our small caves and see if we can tap into the resources thats been presented to us , thanks to technology and advancements in the industrialized world at large.

Having said that, this is now our blog online. Goilala’s space online. We will try and use this space online to air some of our issues back at home, and maybe some issues on the political front, and also home front, and any other issues that might need discussions out in the open.

Last but not the least, we will also see if we can discuss any National issues that might one way or another affect us as a district with belongs to a province which also is in Papua New Guinea, as a nation.

Please feel free to air your views here…