Mona Presents Gift to Bomana Inmates

MORE than 100 inmates from Goilala district, Central, serving time at the Bomana prison yesterday received an early Christmas present from their MP Daniel Mona.

Mona committed K500,000 to the inmates to help them “rehabilitate” and prepare for life after prison.
Mona said: “I appeal to you (inmates) to change your attitude and become better people.”
Mona told the inmates that for far too long people from Goilala were viewed as trouble makers and that perspective needed to be changed.
“I am investing a lot in education because I want the negative name tag on Goilalas to change. In the future I want to see Goilala pilots, lawyers and journalists,” he said.

Mona said the money would come from his District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) for next year and would be deposited into the Correctional Services bank account between April and May.

Goilala inmates’ representative, Clement Peto said they needed a second chance in life and urged Mona to provide incentives for them.
“If the needs of Goilala youths are addressed then law and order problems will become a thing of the past,” Peto said.
The inmates from Goilala asked Mona to finance them to record an album and help them enrol in schools to undertake studies.
Another Goilala inmate representative, Michael Aika told Mona he was the first parliamentarian from the province to visit Bomana jail.

The prisoners asked the public to forgive them for the wrongs they had done and promised they were willing and ready to do positive things in their lives.
Bomana jail commander Chief Supt Michael Mondia thanked Mona for visiting the prisoners.
“Christmas is a time for change, a time for reflection, and your presence here has given hope to the prisoners.”

Source: The National, Wednesday 19th December, 2012

4 thoughts on “Mona Presents Gift to Bomana Inmates

    Thanks MP Mona.
    As stated by one of the inmates, you are the first MP to visit a prison and present a pretty big amount of money to law breakers. Its more like saying Thank You to law breakers for breaking the Law.
    Its like sending out a message to the kids on the open street, if you break the law and gets sent to Bomana, MP Mona will come alone with a present on every Christmas eve.

    Lets all break the law then and go have free food, free accommodation, free water, free electricity, free health care and then a Christmas present that comes in the forms of K500, 000.00.

    That’s a dream life right there.

    MP Mona, let’s do some reality check on home base just so we are up to par with information before a sound decision is made.

    Out of the 70 odd primary schools scattered throughout the rugged terrain of Goilala District only 3 [St Peter Torot in Tapini, Tolukuma Primary in TGM site, Fatima Parish Primary in Woitape] are fully kitted and operational.

    The rest 67 primary schools are closed or partially operational.
    Some of the primary reason had been that teachers have abandoned the schools due to poor housing, due to no school supplies, due to lack medical care locally, due to salaries and wages issues.

    No teach would want to teach and dwell in a isolated rugged, laid back mountainous village school were communication to the outside world is so cut off completely. Lack of signals from Digicel, or Telikom owned B Mobile, or even EMTV for local and international news.

    Aid Posts all across Goilala are closed, except for Tapini’s brand new hospital funded by AusAid. Thanks to people like Fr Brian.

    All airstrips across Goilala are closed. Except for Fane because of the Mines activity within the vicinity of the area. Tapini Airstrip is operational because Tapini Sacred Heart High School takes care of that. But this airstrip is rarely used as the road link prevents people to use it. It’s cheaper to travel by road then air.

    People have to flock into TGM to do their selling and buying because there is hardly any major trade store outlet in Woitape or Tapini and Guari.

    Guari has just become a ghost town over taken by elephant grass, government house all ruined and deteriorated to state of no-return.

    Guari LLG is more like a back page of a book. No one cares about them. Or even cares to mention their name.
    Woitape LLG is more or less similar. Thanks to TGM which has enable flocks from this section of Goilala to be able to trade their produce for a kina or two.

    MP Mona, the idea is good. Human Resource development is no doubt a way to go. But the current state of affairs throughout Goilala District calls for a far more better, strategically devised, effective and efficient plan than just a SANTA CLAUS character inheritance you
    seem to impersonate these days.

    Your idea is good. But your approach falls nothing short of a practicing doctor in a hospital giving Panadol/panadeine tablets to a chronic TB patient and telling him/her you will be fine. Just take this and go home.

    Stop doing media propaganda stunts. Been a media professional, it is obvious you playing the media stunting. Please get real and get dirty before your human resource nurturing can really bear

    Otherwise, Thanks for the Christmas present MP Mona.

    Anthony MORANT

  2. Anthony,
    I appreciate your views but there is another perspective.

    So much to do but “Rome was not built in a day”.
    It would be fair to criticise an MP for doing the wrong thing but could be said to be overly tough to criticise him for not doing your choice of the right thing first.

    There is plenty of mention on social media of the reputation the Goilala people have earned. Real change need to be focused on the people. If you build the infrastructure and the people do not appreciate or care for it then you will be quickly back where you started. You need the people as a foundation for improvement regardless of the frustration of the lack of infrastructure. You can then build the infrastructure and have people that support it. (This is not intended to paint all Goilala people with the same brush, but refers to the minority that have created the reputation. Many will already support the infrastructure but this is not evident by its current state).

    The basics of criminology are that if you treat wrongdoers badly and do not rehabilitate them then they will continue to do wrong and the cycle of wrongdoing will continue. That is not to say that punishment should not occur but there does need to be efforts to turn the tide of repeat offending.

    I can see the strategic rationale in providing rehabilitation to lessen one of the barriers to development in Goilala. Criminal activities are a barrier to Goilala development.

    There is a lot to do in education, health and infrastructure and a start is being made. It will take a long time to achieve, wherever you decide to start. Accept and appreciate the good things that are done and continue to lobby for the other things that need doing, without discarding what ever else is being done. Avoid the temptation to be frustrated when an MP who has been elected only a few months has not yet achieved what will take years to do. The MPs have a duty to balance and prioritise the various needs over a period of time. There are many competing views and needs.

    “Rome was not built in a day” and neither will Goilala be.


    Bruce Farquharson
    “Just because it is doesn’t mean it should be”

  3. Thanks Bruce,
    I whole heartily agree with you in the “Rome was not built in a day” commentary. And yes the MP need our undivided support and compliments on the understanding that his Term in office is just a couple of months old.

    I guess my point here is, Human Resource development is by far the best investment for us Goilalas and PNG for this matter.
    And I support the MP without reservation on this venture.

    My concern [just me] is our decision making is something that needs to be paid attention to. And has to be REALISTIC. For instance, MP Mona has gone out to proclaim FREE Education for Tapini High School students. That’s decisive and very timely. However, next year [2013] when the new intakes are sourced, which community schools will supply this intakes? So is the sick kids at villages. Which Aid Post will ensure these sick kids are treated and cared for prior to getting to be enrolled. And which schools will enroll this healthy kids?

    My comments/views in more aimed at ensuring the foundation is been built effectively and efficiently before we can then put on the roof, walling, windows, veranda and so on and so fort.

    I agree Bruce, that a place is as good as its PEOPLE. And it is a welcome news to see our MP been proactive in rehabilitating the criminals [trying to]. I would personally love to see the MP concentrate on Goilala District and its people back at home than to be stepping into someone else’s area of responsibility to do their jobs – CIS for this matter.


  4. Very good discussion from the two gentlemen. Yes the needs of the people of Goilala will come from the people themselves. The money beloning to the people of Goilala must be spent where the people of Goilala themselves decides. This is bottom up planning but what we are witnessing in the political and bureacratic circles in Goilala and PNG is top down charity. reality check must be done and it time now if the Goilala dream is to be realised. If Goilala is going to move foward than the time is now because if we continue to fail to develop a bottom up plan than we plan to fail.

    Michael Atuai


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