Goilala Schools will not receive subsidy – The National

Source: The National, Monday 14th January, 2013

TWENTY-three elementary schools in Goilala, Central, will not receive free-education subsidies from the government this year because most teachers from the schools have fake teaching certificates.
“The schools were suspended since 2011 after we had carried out an annual audit,” education adviser Philip Alu said last Friday.
Alu attributed the suspension to fraudulent qualifications of teachers, low student enrolment, poor attendance by teachers and land disputes in the schools.
He said more than 200 students were affected and some had been forced to enrol at primary schools.
“The education board cannot lift the suspension until a census form from each school is submitted before the school year begins on Feb 4,” he said.
“Most schools in the district are very remote.
“And many teachers find it hard to cope living there due to the lack of basic services.”
Alu said such schools included the elementary schools Omu, Watape, Ghivena, Erume, Gupou and Tanipai.
Wesley Yalamu, a community leader from the area, has urged education authorities in the province to lift the suspension.
“If the authorities turn a blind eye to my call, they will deny the students’ right to education,” he said.
He called on parents in the area to provide teachers with food and shelter to keep them committed to their duties.
He said local parliamentarians should provide allowances for the teachers.
Yalamu said more than 200 Grades 6 and 8 students from Givena Primary School in the Guari local level government area withdrew from their studies last year because teachers were absent from classes.

1 thought on “Goilala Schools will not receive subsidy – The National

  1. Is the cancellation of subsidies to these elementary school covering the Primary schools too?
    We have 40 primary schools in the district – 7 in Guri LLG, 11 in Tapini LLG, and 21 in Woitape LLG. Of all these 5 are suspended in Guari, with 2 opened. Tapini has 4 suspended and 7 open and Woitape LLG has 9 suspended, 10 open and 2 nonexistent schools. These schools only exist and operate on paper.

    The schools which are open are barely fully kitted and suffers are malnutrition life style where there is hardly a teacher in school for a full term for starters.
    School materials are either stuck down in Port Moresby or at the airport awaiting to be air lift into a nearby airstrip which is kilometers away from the school.

    There is also an issue where ghost board of governors for these schools exist and have systematically collaborated with people in the system to successfully open bank accounts for these schools with reputable banks. And once the school subsidies are released, these ghost BOGs front up and pick up these cheques and have them deposited into these bank accounts and have it cleared for abuse and misuse.

    The corrupt networks and their tentacles’ are truly eating away at the future of our kids who will become a lost generation in the next 10 years.


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