If one thing is for sure definite, Goilala coffee is PURE and Organic with zero manufactured ingredients been added to produce/yield the berries they bear.

We have coffee [organic] beans rotting away at Ononge, actually lower Veitapu areas. We have coffee beans rotting away in the chirime valley. We have coffee beans rotting away in the Aiwara constituency. We have coffee beans rotting away alone the banks of Jowa Loloipa river. We have coffee beans left to dry out and deteriorate in huts out there in the villages throughout Guari. In villages such as Bizoa, Enaugagave,Ganiawai, Ghivena, Kamulai, Kelevi, Koefa, Koilapo, Lobudono, Mariboi, Omuitu, Rapaula, Rupila, Taveve, Tonamena, Torula, and Zhake.

Coffee trees are left to compete with the natural bushes and trees for sunlight. They grow to heights unknown to them. Some coffee trees are even cut down as building materials or even for fencing. And firewood too.

It is very unfortunate that GREEN GOLD is never treated as GREEN GOLD in Goilala District. It is rather treated as another ordinary tree in the bush.

Is there a possibility this cash crop be developed into taking its rightful place in Goilala economy? Can this cash crop be given the attention it deserves? Can this cash crop me treated as a cash crop by stakeholders at all levels in Goilala and even Central Province and PNG as a whole?

Goilala Coffee has the potential to quince the caffeine demand out there in the Open World but the effort and attention put into nurturing this potential is next to non existent.

Until that is done, coffee trees will grown into heights unknown to this plant. Coffee trees will be cut down for building materials. Coffee trees will be used for fencing and even firewood in Goilala.

GREEN GOLD is never GREEN GOLD in Goilala, after all.

Telecommunication and Information Dissemination

After 40 years of independence and the advancement and improvement in Telecommunication platforms throughout the World, one would have thought Goilala, been one of the 4 district, that make up Central Province, which supposedly houses Papua New Guinea’s capital city of Port Moreby to be up there in par with the best in the business in regards to having access to very up to date tools in as far as Technology is concern.

For example, apart from the rugged terrains and mountainous regions, Telecommunication network expansion should be a service worth delivering to the people.

As it is now, Digicel signals are only accessible at Tapini station and its surrounding villages, The furtherest one can receive signals is Erume. Kerau and Sopu get faint signals only at certain points. Tolukuma is another spot in Goilala that enjoy the Bigger Better Network signals but that is all because of the Mine activity in that locality.

On the other hand, Telikom owned B Mobile is no existent. Tapini station and woitape station has some visat satelight dish installations and operate using Telikads but the number of people lining up to use this service is so long it resembles long queues at an ATM at Hagen City or Lae City.

We can not even get EMTV signals in any part of Goilala. This is a National Television station and isn’t it supposed to be made available to us the people?

Apart from Radio Central – Gibi Ena Gadona – Signal, we can not get PNG FM signals and even FM 100 – information leader – signals in any spot in Goilala.

Digicel, Telikom, EMTV and FM and Long and Short Wave radio Frequency signals should be reachable and accesible as far as Guari, Bizoa, Enaugagave,Ganiawai, Ghivena, Kamulai, Kelevi, Koefa, Koilapo, Lobudono, Mariboi, Omuitu, Rapaula, Rupila, Taveve, Tonamena, Torula, and Zhake, Uluna, Ombole Tiviro, Ononge, Kambisea, Kulama, Chirime, Fane, Kone, Garime, Belavista, Yeme, Sindo and Mondo, Koruavu, Maini, Ita, Tuv, Laitata, Oni Sene, Iveiava, Sopu 1 and Sopu 2, Lov, Lore, Lamanaipi, Kileipu, Malava, Irai, Kioriv, Kunim, Kalom, Loloip, Erume, Karom, Kerau, Kataipa, Lavavai, Tavuniav, and Pilitu.

Information is POWER. And having services which enables people to enrich themselves with information to be able to make informed decisions is one vital ingredient that needs undivided support and attention.

Double Dipping and Pre Commitment.

Double Dipping and Pre Commitment.
Goilala District’s newly elected MP Daniel K Mona, while he may seems flowery out on the main stream media, his in-house office administrations is nonetheless nonexistent or is been hijacked.

Out of the 13 staff members MP has in his office, most Goilalas are either drivers or normal admin staff. MP Mona’s small brother John Mona seem like the go to man with his backup personnel Perai Manai, who word has it is the First Secretary for MP Mona. The facts are John Mona and Perai Manai are two secondary secretaries to the Office of the Shadow Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. This has nothing to do with Goilala MP Office staff membership.

But hey, hold on. The member has an Executive Officer. Back ground checks on this individual traces back to Member Ano Pala in the previous term. This individual also had a stint with the former Governor for Western Province during his tenure. This individual also had a hand in systematically interfering with scope of works funds for the Kwikila Station Health Center rehabilitation projected funded by AusAid for his own use.

When it all seem rosy this far out, it does not stop here. The Executive Officer for Goilala MP Daniel K Mona had a hand in ensuring his biological son is the official First Secretary for Goilala MP’s office, earning a hefty sum of K1000.00 a fortnight.

The clown act does not stop here. It is a known fact also that MP Mona’s Wife is also a Second Secretary to the MP. Now this is when it gets confusing. Two second Secretaries? No. Mrs. Mona is the Second Secretary for the Office of MP for Goilala and the Rigo guy’s son is the First Secretary to the MP Mona. And is on the payroll. But isn’t this Mrs. Mona the same person who is employed by Central Province Disaster Office? And is also on the payroll there? This is obviously a case of double dipping and a conflict of Interest situation on show.

Having learnt and earned the tricks and tips, the Executive Officer for Goilala MP, had advised MP Mona to go on a Pre commitment Drive, where by vehicles are hired and hotels are booked and pledges made on a pre committed arrangement.

Pre Commitment is about utilizing some service well before payment is made. This obviously means, all DSIP funds are been committed already well away from the knowledge of the Goilala District JDP and the Goilala District Administrations attention.

This is risky business and leaves Goilalas venerable to the prey of a seasoned crook who knows his trade of colluding and siphoning funds out well before anyone takes notice.
The K10million DSIP funds ear marked for Goilala District and its People are well and truly pre committed and exhausted even before this fund hits our Goilala District Account.

Most of the crucial decisions made by the recently elected MP for Goilala, Daniel K Mona, have the finger prints of two people. The Executive Officer and the Second Secretary. The Goilala District JDP Committee and the Goilala District Administration does not have a say in nearly all the decisions made thus far.

By the way, with the early signals and warnings sent out, it seems eminent Goilala District Political affairs, financial affairs, economical affairs and even our MPs personal affairs will be masterminded by Rigos. Word coming through has it that Incumbent District Administrator has been replaced by someone who is known to have a shady background when he was previously employed by previous Central Provincial regime in the capacity of a Deputy Provincial Administrator.

Does these calls for some drastic actions? Yes, it really calls for some desperate drastic action, right here and NOW.

Source: Insider.