Telecommunication and Information Dissemination

After 40 years of independence and the advancement and improvement in Telecommunication platforms throughout the World, one would have thought Goilala, been one of the 4 district, that make up Central Province, which supposedly houses Papua New Guinea’s capital city of Port Moreby to be up there in par with the best in the business in regards to having access to very up to date tools in as far as Technology is concern.

For example, apart from the rugged terrains and mountainous regions, Telecommunication network expansion should be a service worth delivering to the people.

As it is now, Digicel signals are only accessible at Tapini station and its surrounding villages, The furtherest one can receive signals is Erume. Kerau and Sopu get faint signals only at certain points. Tolukuma is another spot in Goilala that enjoy the Bigger Better Network signals but that is all because of the Mine activity in that locality.

On the other hand, Telikom owned B Mobile is no existent. Tapini station and woitape station has some visat satelight dish installations and operate using Telikads but the number of people lining up to use this service is so long it resembles long queues at an ATM at Hagen City or Lae City.

We can not even get EMTV signals in any part of Goilala. This is a National Television station and isn’t it supposed to be made available to us the people?

Apart from Radio Central – Gibi Ena Gadona – Signal, we can not get PNG FM signals and even FM 100 – information leader – signals in any spot in Goilala.

Digicel, Telikom, EMTV and FM and Long and Short Wave radio Frequency signals should be reachable and accesible as far as Guari, Bizoa, Enaugagave,Ganiawai, Ghivena, Kamulai, Kelevi, Koefa, Koilapo, Lobudono, Mariboi, Omuitu, Rapaula, Rupila, Taveve, Tonamena, Torula, and Zhake, Uluna, Ombole Tiviro, Ononge, Kambisea, Kulama, Chirime, Fane, Kone, Garime, Belavista, Yeme, Sindo and Mondo, Koruavu, Maini, Ita, Tuv, Laitata, Oni Sene, Iveiava, Sopu 1 and Sopu 2, Lov, Lore, Lamanaipi, Kileipu, Malava, Irai, Kioriv, Kunim, Kalom, Loloip, Erume, Karom, Kerau, Kataipa, Lavavai, Tavuniav, and Pilitu.

Information is POWER. And having services which enables people to enrich themselves with information to be able to make informed decisions is one vital ingredient that needs undivided support and attention.


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