Tolukuma Land Owners Should Partner with Petromin – Thought By Lazarus Theo Yasause

Good night my family. I was. Just thinking about the Post Courier report landowners becoming owners of the resources on Re+oppening the Bougainville Copper mine. I want to float the idea the Goilala District should look at the Option of owning Part of the Tolokuma Gold mine. 

I am reliably informed that the blocks adjacent to the mine site is currently being explored. Results are promising. At one stage I lodged in a licence to explore the near Mt Victoria. I went up for consultation with the landowners to get their consent just south west of Mt Victoria – Ononge station on northwest. No one was in the village every body abandoned the village, its seems long time ago. I returned without consultations and did not get the licence from MRA to explore the area. What I had in mind was that if there were good find leading to a possible mining; I would offer free carry interest for the landowners possibly 5-10 %. If the landowners want a larger stake we could arrange for buy in over time for their interest for a large stake.

This is a thought that our leaders up in Tolokuma area could discuss with Petromin. Im sure the Managing Director/CEO and his mining Chief Geologist Dr Wilfred Lus will give you a fair hearing to look for options. Advice them that it is an option you the elites of Goilala have been thinking over the years. This is going to be a new trend in Government policy so it would very much help if our Member could flag the idea with the PM and the MD of Petromin who have ownership of the mine. If such an option is explored now it will help in the long term. Income generated for such an arrangement could assist with our development efforts in the district.

Just a thought to think about for further consideration.

1 thought on “Tolukuma Land Owners Should Partner with Petromin – Thought By Lazarus Theo Yasause

  1. Comments by Goiala District Development Forum group on Facebook.

    Teresa Terry Benedict Brilliant
    March 5 at 7:59pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

    Lazarus Theo Yasause
    Teresa and Boniface, if you are able to make contact with the member (Hon Daniel Mona) suggest to him to see the PM and the MD for Petromin or the Chairman Mr Brown Bai. Suggest that when the negotiations of Tolokuma comes up – the District and the Landowners want a free carry interest of 15% besides the royalties and business spin-off benefits. The 15% is to be shared between the landowner and the entire Goilala district for development projects.
    If the option is to buy in a certain percentage, advice that the State should assist the District on commercial Terms and have that taken of the proceeds until all the debt is settled may be over five years. If we follow that track, I’m sure there may be additional funding for our social obligations like schools, hospitals, airstrip’s, roads, and business development grants. By the way it would be also be good for the state to look at sealing the road up to Goilala thru Petromin derivation grants from Tolokuma. The State should take on that responsibility as the Shareholder of Petromin. I remember very well doing some paper work for a ‘K10 million in the PMs Office in 2008 for the road link to Goilala. This now become available and the member will have access; but we need to impress on the PM to ensure the main road link is sealed for easy access. Some thoughts for our discussions.
    March 6 at 4:53am via mobile · Unlike · 4

    Anthony Morant
    Thomas Eme, the Interim President of Goilala Foundation Inc had a stint with CPG and worked in close relations with TGM affairs. Am sure been a geologist himself, Lazarus Theo Yasause, he will be of value to your suggestion, pending if the LOs at TGM are prepared to listen to you two and push this to higher heights. Peter Yaria, am sure you been in TGM would like to make a mention to George Gusi the LO Chairman and Gee Mavai, with your contacts with the Chairman, Mr Yasause’s idea can be looked into.

    The locals been active participants in the development of their resources will obviously have a positive impact on our livelihood and then eventual development of Goilala and PNG at large.

    I will inbox you Mr Yasause.

    Boniftace Eve
    Mr Yasause, I like your attitude. I like your suggestion. Pathway foreward and hope for the resource owners. I will suggest to MP if I have the opportunity to meet him.
    March 6 at 8:22pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

    Barry Toey
    I was in Lae some time ago when Bryon Chan mentioned something about given land owners power over their land ; if thats true then I hope the land owners kick all mining companies and timber merchants out or request half of the wealth. People who mine and cut trees are making billions of Kina while our people get nothing . This is your chance get back whats is yours !!!
    March 7 at 10:48am · Unlike · 3

    Barry Toey
    Another thing I would like our people to do is go home to the villages and make a stand. If our families are not in the villages that only open the doors for mining companies and timber merchants to have their way with the land !!!
    March 7 at 10:58am · Unlike · 3


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