Apart from Tapini station which is the only center connection to the outside world [Port Moresby] via Goilala Highway [which Mona recently said it was called MONA HIGHWAY], all of Goilala District out stations and Mission station are connected to the outside world by Air Transport.

Grassy airstrips on mountain tops and in swampy plains and on hill sides, scattered across the rugged terrain on this scarcely populated land mass called Goilala, the sight and sound of an aeroplane taxing in to touch down or taking off, is the only sign of progress in Goilala.

And when that noise and sight is absent, there is deem to be zero improvement on just about anything modern. Everything just deteriorate into extinction.

We have airstrip at Tapini, Kamulai, Guari, Kerau, Gane, Sopu, Kosipe, Woitape, Ononge, Fane, and Yongai.

Getting Tapini out of the equation, only Fane is fully functional due to mine activity at TGM. Woitape is operating by the thread, with nearby creeks flooding the run way, grass over growing and fencing all run down, and drainages systems blocked, it has been warned one too many times to do something or face closure.

Sopu, Kerau, Gane, Kosipe and Guari with Kamulai are closed. Ononge and Yongai only takes in charters but only once in a month or two.

Is anyone out there aware of this closures? Is anyone working towards opening these vital ports up? Why is it taking forever for someone to even realize with have transport issues?


  1. COMMENTS FROM FACEBOOK GROUP – Goilala District Development Forum.

    Kibuka Ambros Kariai
    Money is not everything let the local to take some pride and clean up these facilities just for the sake of pride.
    February 22 at 9:34am via mobile · Unlike · 2

    Anthony Morant
    Depends on how you look at it Kibuka Ambros Kariai. First up when the planes decide to stop flying into your local airstrip, we the locals can clean the airstrip but who will guarantee the service provider, owner of the aircraft that the airstrip will be up kept and maintained for smooth landing and take off?

    And can the service provider be guaranteed the safety of the pilot and aircraft from bumping into some domesticated animals who run and roam the run ways freely?

    And then with the expensive sky rocketing air fares, with less passengers traveling out, no business activities in local communities can lead to down scaling of services.

    Maybe someone should look at subsidizing the airfares? Maybe someone also should look at subsidizing the cargo freight charges?

    All in all who will talk with CAA for and on behalf of the people?
    February 22 at 10:03am · Unlike · 5

    Alexis Hajaip
    You are correct fellows
    February 25 at 12:35am via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Katalina Davilina
    Good point raised Anthony. Firstly, i remember readng this somewhere or someone telling me this, the highway was gazetted Mona Highway in recognition of late Mr.Mona (and father of the current siting member), Member at the time of this road construction. I could be wrong? Read in the papers that the minister in charge of CAA is meeting next week with CAA authorities and other members of parliament, and respective leaders to review the state of all aerodromes in the country. The Hon member could present Goilalas case at that meet. I believe his done something as this is very important. Thanks
    February 26 at 5:19am via mobile · Unlike · 3

    Gee Mavai
    The situation Anthony described here is very real and has been for a long time duirng the past 20-plus years. I hope the current member takes heed of this and is realistic to know that it is of utmost urgency that he gives this some priority. Thank you Katalina for this as I also remember seeing this regarding minister responsible for CAA somewhere. Hopefully, the member attends this meeting.
    February 26 at 8:15am · Unlike · 2

    Allan Kulolo
    Thanks.alot Anthony for very precise description of the realistic situation in which the current air service providers face when negotiating the almost run down air fields back home.
    February 27 at 12:23am via mobile · Unlike · 2

    Barry Toey
    Anthony what’s the transport and infratructure ministers doing about the problem in hand from POrt Moresby ??
    February 27 at 9:52am · Unlike · 1

    Anthony Morant
    The ministries are more centered towards PNG as a whole. And attends to National Roads and Airstrips [airports] nation wide. Goilala District transport issues falls directly under the local MPs jurisdictions and requires him/her to bring it up to the attention of the concern authorities as per Katalina Davilina’s note here.

    which is what is lacking and needs to be done!
    February 27 at 9:55am · Unlike · 3

    Barry Toey
    No good having to highly educated ministers in government and they can’t rub their 2 heads together to solve the problem !!( only in it for the money ) !!!!
    February 27 at 9:56am · Unlike · 1

    Barry Toey
    If the money is not there for the local MPs to deliver the infrastructure [ hens Kina donations ] then the PNG ministers must solve the problem !!!


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