Be Realistic, MONA – by Anthony Morant

Be Realistic – MONA
All Corruption and corrupt people do is concentrate on their own self and their close mates and cohort. Everything and everyone else does not exist in their world.

In a direct response to your article on Monday, 15th April 2013, “Goilala MP refutes Claims” by reporter Moua Omoa, please have my view published for public reading.

It is impressive and very encouraging to see that our Goilala MP is proactively addressing development issues and law and order issues in our home district.

It is particularly encouraging to see our Goilala MP been able to proactively attend to the two murder incidents that took place in Tapini immediately and efficiently. It is something we need to take note off and give praise where it is due.

However the law and order cases been discussed are incidents that took place in Tapini and around the vicinity of Tapini station. How alert and responsive are your 12 commandos if we have issues in Sopu or even Givena or say Kafano? Better still how responsive are your reserve police if an incident occurs in Ilaiap or, Mainit? How about Kioliv and Kamulai?

The Village court systems are malfunctioning. The Magistrates are same old colonial appointed old men that has gone past their productive age. The Peace Offiers who are equally old and ineffective with enforcing law and order, are not been paid properly. And the rates they are paid on is pre-colonial – K25 per month or so. MP Mona and Sr Insp Jeffrey Tewesi, are you two sure your Operation Daunim Hevi lon Goilala will do the trick?

Politics and media publicity seems to be the winners in this so called Daunim Hevi publicity stunt as always.
Schools district wide are closed. Aid Posts are bare and short of medical supplies. Airstrips are closed. There is hardly any form of income generating opportunities for locals in their respective villages. As such youths and able locals turn to cultivating drugs to sell in Pom. They end up getting busted on their way into Pom. Home brew production is on the rise in villages. Incest, adultery and other petty crime goes unattended to.

This is so, all because of lack of basic services and opportunities which will keep people at bay and busy.

Mona, why do you keep lying to the public about what you doing in Goilala when all you are doing is concentrating your productive days in Waigani and attending to your tribesmen requests and even decorating your close family members with latest goodies?

All this is done at the expense of our students at UPNG who have been waiting for their schools you guaranteed to pay up some 2months ago. And also the Tapini Sacred Heart High School free education component you promised to pay on behalf of the parent.

Again, using the media to paint a positive picture is one area you are good at however please take a good look at what the realistic situation is back in Goilala. Because, more lies can be made, but the reality remains as it is.

We are the answer – Lawrence Stevens

We are the answer - Lawrence Stevens
The Answers to our problems in Life lies primarily from within. God is the supreme source but primarily, God has given us the brains to take charge before hand

“We are the answer. All of us. Each of us.

We each make choices which could collectively and individually restore faith in and respect for the state which empowers, supports, protects and frees us to enjoy the simple benefits of being PNG.

The choices include simple steps like “doing to others what you would like others to do for you”, protecting those who need your protection, telling it as it is rather than suffering the bullshit lectures of incompetent and larcenous servants who dull our senses with lies and false promises as they continue to raid our public funds and assets, disclosing and making information public, knowing that one incidence of criminality might seem insignificant but that public disclosure of many criminal acts could lead to combined action by many of us to stop the rot and to make PNG a country in which we take great pride, not just a country where wonderful people and cultures exist but a country where the collective will of our great people protects us.

At the simple everyday level say to yourself:

1. I will not force my way past weaker, slower people to get through a door, onto a PMV, etc. I will be fair and practice fairness.

2. I will not hide information which clearly shows people in positions of trust betraying that trust.

3. I will not accept that any public office holder can behave illegally and be allowed to get away with it.

4. I do not accept misuse of public funds and assets by anyone and most certainly not by those entrusted with responsibility for stewardship.

5. I will not ignore illegal demands by police officers and will never pay bribes.

The list can go on and on. The basic message is not that we should wait for a hero to deliver us. We, together, have the answer.

We stand together and fight back. If one of us emerges as a leader, so be it. In the meantime together we can make the changes we need. We don’t need to be led. We just need to be convinced and strong.”

Mona must address Goilala issues – Letters in The National

YOUR report on the beheading of people in Goi­lala (April 3) is sickening.
I am troubled by the lack of law and order in Goilala.
Where are the leaders of the district and what are they doing?

The following are the proposed measures that need urgent consideration:

  • Better policing strategies for community police and village courts;
  • More police presence in administrative stations:
  • Strong police patrolling to uphold laws of the land;
  • Take seriously into account health issues in Goilala;
  • Set in place district health programs to address common killer diseases; and
  • Set up district-wide awareness and education programs to cover law and order, health, entrepreneurship, etc.

These strategies will allow us to see the changes we dream of.
I wonder where Goilala MP Daniel Mona is as the community and stakeholders need his input.

Paul Kaita

Source: The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013


What the Social Media & Free Blogging Technology has done in Papua New Guinea, and particularly Goilala District is, it has enabled any tom, dick and harry to be able to express their mindset without fear or favor concerning issues that they feel needs attention from those responsible – either they be politicians, public servants, professionals, community leaders, church leaders, youth leaders, women leaders or just anyone that is placed in area of responsibility.

Take the current GenXPert machine fund raiser project that Susan Merrell has taken upon herself to get this to us for our own good. This [just my opinion] has been received more or less in a negative manner and is been found to be obviously very threatening, to the very existence of Goilala Health Officials and Goilala District Administration, and not forgetting our Goilala political leadership.

This GenXpert machine technology has been around for a good period of time. TB has been killing Goilalas like flies for a good period of time. If those concern and responsible people were concern as Susan is today, some time ago, they would have explored available options and am pretty sure Genxpert machine would have been a choice to go with long time ago.

Seen that their incompetency is been exposed, as they tried to prove their superior credentials by bagging the GeneXpert machine or intentionally subotaging this whole initiative.

It seems there is a willing to spoil all the work that’s gone into this for self interest and personal egos. Can’t it be obvious that what’s been done to-date just isn’t working. Idealistic and impossible solutions are been advocated for Goilala by our MP Mona who claims that CHWs will be doing village trips to attend to sick and dying patients which will prevent the sick from been sent down to Tapini or Pom – at least in the short term.

The terrain of Goilala just does not allow and will never permit this weekly visits by CHWs and Nursing Officers. Its just dream talks and will never WORK.