What the Social Media & Free Blogging Technology has done in Papua New Guinea, and particularly Goilala District is, it has enabled any tom, dick and harry to be able to express their mindset without fear or favor concerning issues that they feel needs attention from those responsible – either they be politicians, public servants, professionals, community leaders, church leaders, youth leaders, women leaders or just anyone that is placed in area of responsibility.

Take the current GenXPert machine fund raiser project that Susan Merrell has taken upon herself to get this to us for our own good. This [just my opinion] has been received more or less in a negative manner and is been found to be obviously very threatening, to the very existence of Goilala Health Officials and Goilala District Administration, and not forgetting our Goilala political leadership.

This GenXpert machine technology has been around for a good period of time. TB has been killing Goilalas like flies for a good period of time. If those concern and responsible people were concern as Susan is today, some time ago, they would have explored available options and am pretty sure Genxpert machine would have been a choice to go with long time ago.

Seen that their incompetency is been exposed, as they tried to prove their superior credentials by bagging the GeneXpert machine or intentionally subotaging this whole initiative.

It seems there is a willing to spoil all the work that’s gone into this for self interest and personal egos. Can’t it be obvious that what’s been done to-date just isn’t working. Idealistic and impossible solutions are been advocated for Goilala by our MP Mona who claims that CHWs will be doing village trips to attend to sick and dying patients which will prevent the sick from been sent down to Tapini or Pom – at least in the short term.

The terrain of Goilala just does not allow and will never permit this weekly visits by CHWs and Nursing Officers. Its just dream talks and will never WORK.


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