Mona must address Goilala issues – Letters in The National

YOUR report on the beheading of people in Goi­lala (April 3) is sickening.
I am troubled by the lack of law and order in Goilala.
Where are the leaders of the district and what are they doing?

The following are the proposed measures that need urgent consideration:

  • Better policing strategies for community police and village courts;
  • More police presence in administrative stations:
  • Strong police patrolling to uphold laws of the land;
  • Take seriously into account health issues in Goilala;
  • Set in place district health programs to address common killer diseases; and
  • Set up district-wide awareness and education programs to cover law and order, health, entrepreneurship, etc.

These strategies will allow us to see the changes we dream of.
I wonder where Goilala MP Daniel Mona is as the community and stakeholders need his input.

Paul Kaita

Source: The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013

1 thought on “Mona must address Goilala issues – Letters in The National


    GOILALA MP Daniel Mona has rejected criticisms that he is not doing enough on development and to counter law and order issues in the district.
    Responding to recent complaints in the media by individuals from the district, Mona said they were made by people living outside the district but were residents of settlements in the city.

    On the recent killings in the district, he said was in constant contact with the police and some suspects had been arrested.
    “The old days are over and everyone is cooperating with police to apprehend the suspects and there will be no mucking around with law and order,” he said.
    “Recently during the Easter period, I went to drop off some teachers and a medical team in the Tolukuma area.
    “There will be more teachers and medical staff to be dispatched to other parts of the district soon,” Mona said.

    He said Goilala district was headed to exciting times in terms of development and everyone should be working together to change the image of the district instead of making negative publicity in the media.

    Central police commander Sr Insp Jeffrey Tewesi also condemned the negative comments in the media, Tewesi said a special police operation named “Daunim hevi long Goilala district” (Reduce crime in Goilala district) was underway where they conducted curfews and checks on the highway.
    “We are working around the clock to apprehend the suspects and minimize the law and order situation in the district,” he said.
    “So far all is going well with some suspects from the two murders apprehended and others wanting to surrender because the whole community is working together with the police.
    “Currently, we have 12 armed police and because geographically Goilala is a very difficult place to patrol, we have auxiliary police officers from the districts to help in the operations plus Tolukuma police as back-up.

    So currently everything is going well.”

    The operation will run for the next 21 days but could be extended to 51 days to ensure all the suspects are arrested.

    Source:The National, Monday 15th April, 2013


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