Goilala MP Delivers Fees – UPNG

Goilala MP Delivers Fees - UPNG

Goilala MP Daniel Mona made a surprise call into Campus and delivered a cheque of K25,000.00 as tuition for students from the electorate studying at UPNG

Mr Mona made a commitment to continue paying tuition in his term in Parliament.

Spokesman and Lecturer in Physics, Felix Gitai while thanking Mr Mona for the kind gesture urged students to perceive in their studies and graduate with degrees that have value. He said their success will encourage other Goilalas to follow suit.

Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2013

Following is a brief provided to journalists by Parliament today .Parliament today passed amendments to the Criminal Code Act that now increases the penalties for serious crimes including stealing and misappropriation.

Briefly, the bills (Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2013) passed ensure that:

  • the Sorcery Act 1971 is repealed in its entirety. Killings connected with sorcery are now treated as willful murder, and the penalty is death
  • aggravated rape now carries the death penalty. This is rape using dangerous weapons, or rape in the company of one other or more persons, or where grievous bodily harm is caused, and where the victim is a child under 10 years
  • Kidnapping now carries a prison term of 50 years without remission or parole 
  • Kidnapping for ransom now carries life imprisonment without remission and parole
  • Stealing – two new subsections are inserted to subsection 372.
  • For theft of money between K5 million and K9.99 million the penalty is 50 years without remission and parole
  • For stealing K10 million or more the penalty is life imprisonment without parole or remission
  • A new subsection is inserted to section 383A so an offender guilty of misappropriating property worth K10m or above is sentenced to life imprisonment
  • Section 597 is amended which now allows the State a number of modes of execution for a person sentenced to death
  • Subsection 614 now provides the modes of execution which include hanging, lethal injection, medical death by deprivation of oxygen, firing squad, electrification. Method to be used will be determined by the Head of State on advice from the NEC.

These are very tough penalties, but they reflect the seriousness of the nature of the crimes, and the demand by the community for Parliament to act.

We must vote for competent LLG presidents.

Local Level Government Presidents play a very significant role in service delivery at the Local Level Government. Being Local Level Government Presidents and Chairmen for the Local Level Government Assembly they have to see to it that people in their Local Level Government are being supported and are getting services needed. As Chairman for the Local Level Government Assembly (LLGA) he/she has to make sure the assembly implements its responsibility which includes amongst others;

1. Overseeing the overall general administration of the Local Level Government area
2. Maintain Local Level Government Profile
3. Set Visions, policies and make laws for administrations and development of the Local Level Government area
4. Develop a rolling Five-year Local Level Government Development Plan and
as the Local Level Government President he or she has the responsibility to make sure the Local Level Government
5. Support Ward Members to develop five year Ward Plans
6. Monitor implementation of projects in Wards
7. Provide reports on the Local Level Government performance
8. Maintain financial records and accountability of all public funds
9. Perform other vital roles in decision making and service delivery

The above points give us reasons why we need to have individuals who have proper education qualification, skills and knowledge and other important traits to perform effectively in this position. Over the years we’ve seen individuals becoming LLG Presidents without fully knowing their main roles and responsibilities and how they would go about implementing activities in their Local Level Government.

Mell Pii,
Diwai sumatin [Post Courier, YuTok, 24th May 2013]


Journalists and the Task Force Sweep Team or any media media outlet MUST come forward and explain their failure to expose the K30 million payout to Paul Paraka in 2011.

A press conference realting to a K30 million payout in 2011 was held at the Forestry Office by then Deputy PM Hon Belden Namah and his current Deputy Hon Sam Basil who was then National Planning Minister.

We need a fair statement as to why the K30 million story did not make headlines.

Had the media outlets published without fear or favour including the task force sweep team who failed to act; we would have saved the state another K41.8 million in total claims by now.

This is a very sad day for PNG. The media outlets must come forward on this issue or be seen as aiding white collar crime in this country.

The Task Force Sweep Team must also make a statement on this issue.

Enough of performing duties for the MASTER and do it for your country.

Ethics MUST prevail.

District Business Arm Concept – WORTHWHILE?

Does GOILLA DISTRICT and GOILALA DISTRICT Administration has any plans of registering a Business Arm organization to run the affair – business affairs – of Goilala in an independent, free of political intervention and managed by full timed employed professionals working on a salaried job basis?Without looking further ahead, taking Koiari Holdings from the Koiari LLG in Kairuku Hiri District as an example, am sure that is possible if we can get our acts right and put the interest of Goilala and the welfare of the people at fore front rather than our political greed and motives well and truly ahead.We got resources and potential untapped. But do we have the political will and the support and the brains to initiate something like that to be able to venture into available avenues for the greater good of our home and people?


Apart from Tapini station which is the only center connection to the outside world [Port Moresby] via Goilala Highway [which Mona recently said it was called MONA HIGHWAY], all of Goilala District out stations and Mission station are connected to the outside world by Air Tranport.

Grassy airstrips on mountain tops and in swampy plains and on hill sides, scattered across the rugged terrain on this scarcely populated land mass called Goilala, the sight and sound of an aeroplane taxing in to touch down or taking off, is the only sign of progress in Goilala.

And when that noise and sight is absent, there is deem to be zero improvement on just about anything modern. Everything just deteriorate into extinction.

We have airstrip at Tapini, Kamulai, Guari, Kerau, Gane, Sopu, Kosipe, Woitape, Ononge, Fane, and Yongai.

Getting Tapini out of the equation, only Fane is fully functional due to mine activity at TGM. Woitape is operating by the thread, with nearby creeks flooding the run way, grass over growing and fencing all run down, and drainages systems blocked, it has been warned one too many times to do something or face closure.

Sopu, Kerau, Gane, Kosipe and Guari with Kamulai are closed. Ononge and Yongai only takes in charters but only once in a month or two.

SIL Light aircraft on the ground in Sopu Airstrip

Is anyone out there aware of this closures? Is anyone working towards opening these vital ports up? Why is it taking forever for someone to even realize with have transport issues?

Confusion and Suspense – Tolukuma Gold Mine

TGM Workforce Against Petromin
TGM Workforce Against Petromin

By COB today, 6th May 2013, it will be 59 days of NO PRODUCTION at Petromin Holdings Limited [was owned] Tolukuma Gold Mines, just a few Kilometers north east from Port Moresby, in Central Province.

Production was halted due to negligence by Management towards a fatal incident that came so close to resulting in death and the subsequent visit by an inspector from MRA. The management failed to launch an investigation into the cause of this near miss incident which took place in the early hours of Wednesday 6th of March 2013 in the underground level 1450.

On the 3rd May 2013, Minning Operations Manager under Petromin Ms Linda Brown Kola, with a new “proposed” GM Mr. Sarimu Karimu from North Solomon (a mine engineer) to introduce to the work force here at Tolukuma.

However, prior to the arrival of the delegation lead by Ms Brown, the work force at Tolukuma had a placard which read” GO BACK LINDA WITH PROPOSED MANAGER BY TGM WORKFORCE”.

Linda was stopped at the helipad with her delegation, not to pass through to the camp site and was forced to get back on the same chopper and get out of TGM, which she did. Ms Brown never mutered a word nor could she speak a word or was allowed to speak.

The general feeling in and around the mine site was “had enough of playing politics, cheating and reaping out from this mine while the people of this area and the workforce are still suffering.”

On Saturday 4th May 2013, Acting GM Vincent Appo and his team headed to Pom for further negotiations with the Prime Minister. If the Member for Goilala will assist and accompany this Team to face off with the Prime Minister is another issue in itself.

On Sunday 5th,  May 2013, Mr. Dominic Warege Mill Superintendent, the man Petromin chooses to be the next General Manager for TGM, flew into TGM with eight (8) Task Force (SSD). When quiried by the workforce what their purpose was in coming up to TGM, they responded, their deployment was purposely to “take care of the state properties” on site and also the workforce.

However the chopper landed and waited for 10 minutes before it was forced off by the workforce to get back to Pom. The workforce suspected this team deployed here were under instruction to get the remaining ounces of gold [gold bars] smelted back to Pom.

They have not received any updates from the team that left TGM, lead by Vincent Appo, on Sturday.

Live. Workforce waving to Acting GM Vincent Appo and his team
Live. Workforce waving to Acting GM Vincent Appo and his team

While all this is happening, MP for Goilala Daniel K Mona is unheard off. Mr Mona, seems to be so  pre-occupied and has other pressing issues the needs his attention and time.

Simillarly, the Yulai Land Owner Association Chairman Mr George Gusi is gone silent. He is actually no where to be seen or there has been no news of him anywhere.

The last time George Gusi was seen in TGM was when he was there trying to fight for the K3.00 royalty payment paid to his principal land owners. This is one issue and opportunity George and Mona should be standing up together with the support of the 3 LLGS, and District Administration and the people of Yulai primarily and Goilala generally to ensure the decisions made by the government is beneficial to the indigenous people – the locals.

Needless to say, Operations at the Mine site reminds suspended, with critical departments having selected staff manning the place, with special police personnel onsite to ensure law and order is adhered to.

While this is episode of events turn out each day, the life of a TGM Mine worker reminds an issue worth looking at.
No accommodation provided by TGM [own accommodation], lack of electricity in their homes, sanitation is a major health risk; water supply is to central spots only [shared]. And hygiene is below acceptable health standards.

This is genocide. And Suicidal. And all this is done and allowed to happen and watched by our Government of Papua New Guinea