Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2013

Following is a brief provided to journalists by Parliament today .Parliament today passed amendments to the Criminal Code Act that now increases the penalties for serious crimes including stealing and misappropriation.

Briefly, the bills (Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2013) passed ensure that:

  • the Sorcery Act 1971 is repealed in its entirety. Killings connected with sorcery are now treated as willful murder, and the penalty is death
  • aggravated rape now carries the death penalty. This is rape using dangerous weapons, or rape in the company of one other or more persons, or where grievous bodily harm is caused, and where the victim is a child under 10 years
  • Kidnapping now carries a prison term of 50 years without remission or parole 
  • Kidnapping for ransom now carries life imprisonment without remission and parole
  • Stealing – two new subsections are inserted to subsection 372.
  • For theft of money between K5 million and K9.99 million the penalty is 50 years without remission and parole
  • For stealing K10 million or more the penalty is life imprisonment without parole or remission
  • A new subsection is inserted to section 383A so an offender guilty of misappropriating property worth K10m or above is sentenced to life imprisonment
  • Section 597 is amended which now allows the State a number of modes of execution for a person sentenced to death
  • Subsection 614 now provides the modes of execution which include hanging, lethal injection, medical death by deprivation of oxygen, firing squad, electrification. Method to be used will be determined by the Head of State on advice from the NEC.

These are very tough penalties, but they reflect the seriousness of the nature of the crimes, and the demand by the community for Parliament to act.


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