Counting for the three ward presidents of the Goilala District has started, following successful completion of ward Councillors.

Counting for Tapini and Guari Local Level Government area has since been completed at Tapini, with a total of fourteen Councillors declared.

Guari is the smallest ward council area in the country with only four council areas.

While security allowances for police personnel has caused a minor hiccup this morning, officials are hopeful, that a president for the Guari area will be declared tomorrow, with Tapini to follow at the end of the week.

Meanhwile, counting for the Woitape Local Level Government area in the district is also into the president race.

Assistant Returning Officer for Woitape Jimmy Gulolo told NBC News, they are now counting for the president’s seat after nine councillors were declared yesterday for Woitape’s nine council wards.

Mr. Gulolo also says the counting process has been peaceful, and he anticipates the same air to end the elections.


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