POIA Fights to save Face in GUARI LLG Presidential Elections – GOILALA Count.

POIA Fights to save Face in GUARI LLG Presidential Elections - GOILALA Count.

Goilala – All 3 LLGs has now gone into elimination after completing its primary votes counts.

With all their respective Ward Councilors declared, the focus now turns to respective LLG Presidential Seat.

The interesting count in this elections is the Guari LLG where the former member for Goilala – Mathew Poia – is lagging with a mere 376, in the second place while the leader, pace setter Mr. Balai Patrick has gone past the 1000 mark with 1,214 votes.

With Guari LLG absolute majority votes standing at 1,371, and just 5 candidates remaining in the race, its can be easily predicted that Patrick will win the race.

Guari has suspended its counting and will resume tomorrow.

As at 12:20 noon today, the standing order for Guari LLG Presidential Seat is as follows.

1. Mr. Balai Patrick – 1,232
2. Mr. Mathew Poia – 399
3. Mr. Henry G. Bamai – 334
4. Mr. Steven Tsibu – 258
5. Mr. Thaddus Hiva – 253

Woitape LLG
Woitape LLG has completed its priminary vote counts yesterday and the first half of today was used to do quality counts.

After the primaries were completed, this is the ladder as it is…

1. Mr. Joe GERU – 975
2. Mr. Allan FASI – 876
3. Mr. John BOSCO – 659
4. Mr. Gasto MAINI – 606
5. Mrs. Maria MARK – 557
6. Mr. Julio KOGA – 480
7. Mr. Joe PELE – 438
8. Mr. Marco BAFUFA – 428
9. Mr. Nicholas ALA – 373
10. Mr. Ben KAUTO – 341

Allowable Ballots – 9365
Informals – 31
Majority (50%)+ 1 – 4, 682.

After elimination number 25, this is the table as it is…

1. Mr.Michael Moro 899,
2. Mr.Keleto Kope 772,
3. Mr.Anthony Onne 772,
4. Mr.Buni Morua 528,
5. Mr.Allan Kaurup 485.

Excl 26 in progress
Absolute majority is 1661.

Tapini LLG’s Presidential seat race is a close tussle and at this stage, it is an open battle. Anyone can be the winner come the end of today.


1. Mr. Philip KISO – ARO Woitape LLG @ Woitape
2. Mr. Daniel Riolo – Spokes Person for Guari and Tapini LLG AROs @ Tapini.


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