Goilala – With both TAPINI and GUARI LLGs done and dusted with their counting and declarations respectively, we now turn our focus onto Woitape LLG.

After elimination 20, this is the top 10.

1. Mr. Joe GERU GERU – 1107
2. Mr. Allan FASI – 902
3. Mr. Tumai John BOSCO – 720
4. Mr. Gaston MAINI – 665
5. Mr. Nicholas ALA – 601
6. Mrs. Maria MAK – 594
7. Mr. Julio KOGA – 520
8. Mr. Joe PELE – 475
9. Mr. Marco BUFANDA – 449
10. Mr. Benjamin KAUTO – 428
11. Mr. Joseph AIDA – 423

Out of the 40 candidates, 20 has been eliminated. Today, elimination will start off at count 21. With 19 candidates to be eliminated before the declaration, we intend to keep everyone posted all the way through.

By the look at the ladder, the difference between the candidates seem so slim and at this stage, its literally anyone’s game.

We wish all remaining candidates all the best in the remaining counts.

Good Morning GDDF. And again CONGRATULATIONS to our TAPINI and GUARI LLG President Elect over the weekend.


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