YOU ARE LYING TO US? – John Kerenga Gugl on SHARP TALK.

YOU ARE LYING TO US? - John Kerenga Gugl on SHARP TALK.

Another very serious Constitutional Amendments to give the Asylum Seekers special visa and recognition to reside in PNG. So just yesterday Peter O’Neill have said ‘the Agreement was not written on the Stone and can be turned around any time’. Now your Foreign Affairs Rimbink Pato announced this new legislation to amend the provision of the Constitution on the Immigration to make the Asylum Seeker Agreement written on the Stone. You now wanted to write it on the iron where even court cannot stop this deal. Prime Minister you are double-dealing and perfect liar. You are lying to us, isn’t it? We the people of this beautiful nation can’t continue to afford a liar prime minister to lead this country. If you want to lead us, ok you must lead us properly and accordingly with respect.

Where will they be employed?
Looks frightening when every year around 30000 Asylum Seekers coming to PNG and reside. They will compete with our 20000 or more poor children who pass out from tertiary institutions every year and struggling to find jobs. Police, Defence, Public Servants and grassroots citizens, Where is the guarantee in this Agreement to secure your children’s job opportunity in the future? Don’t you know that employers are always preparing for well experienced and qualified people to improve their businesses? On that scenario don’t forget that your beloved children whom you love to send them to school for better life is now questionable when jobs opportunities are limited. When you feel pain for your children its time now to stand up than let it go unchallenged.

Our 90% of Economy is gone to the Dogs. What more, do you want to give?
PNGans must not sit back and allow this DANGEROUS deal. We have enough financial comfort seekers smuggling into our country with no dollar in their pockets for the last 30 years through corruption. Those illegal foreigners are now DISPLACING our people in our economy and using money and influence to bulldoze political and economic decision to get all the billions of Kina contract to their company.They become more powerful and influential while our very own people are struggling to survive . Nothing is changing for our people when government continue to say our economy is doing well , still our mothers are continue sending their children to the bed without a proper decent meal and to school without lunch or a toea in their pockets is a real nightmare, isn’t it? How can our PM continue lie to us and do that to us when we are struggling to make our children prosper and live better life than us is now in question?



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