Political Survival and Uncertainty promotes 5 Year Syndrome – GOILALA DISTRICT

Political Survival and Uncertainty promotes 5 Year Syndrome  - GOILALA DISTRICT

Every time an individual is voted into power, during a National Election, this individual comes in with a lot of ideas and thoughts and plans.

And rather than carrying on from where the previous MP has left off, this individual with a bunch of handpicked so called Electoral Officers and advisors go about trying to solve all the problems of the District in a space of 5 years using these raw ideas and plans.

Which obviously does not materialize because time is one critical factor that is scarce and very limited to even waste a day?

The best and practical approach would be to have a master plan for the District – more like an offspring of PNG Vision 2050 – and customize it to suit the District and its immediate (short terms) needs and the long terms goals.

In this Action Plan, goals needs to be prioritize to ensure the very necessary action items gets funding and resources allocated to it to ensure these are attended to and marked off (closed) as complete.

If time runs out and you do not get re-elected back, then this plan is there for the next incoming MP will have outstanding action items implemented.

This particular plan should have a condition that no one is to amend or change it using political powers or some other means without the consent of the people of the District. Obviously as time goes by, these Plans will be edited and amended to accommodate the needs of changing times. But all in all, these should be a guiding road map for the district in a long time to come.

As it is now, every time an MP is elected in, he goes about trying to implement his own agenda, which is more politically driven than anything else. And 9 out of 10 attempts, this results in total failure and chaos.

Planning and implementing development plans for a District takes more than 5 years. But it seems our PNG Politicians are so skillful and brilliant in their management skills, which they squeeze in a wide range of items and issues in the space of 5 years.

And obviously such rushed jobs are short lived and very much corruption ridden. And most of the time such results in the people and the place becoming victims of this clowns short sightedness.


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