I got a question which am sure not everyone of you will love to hear. Its a boring subject and touchy as well.

Here we go.

Do we have any AUDITS done to our District Administrations Finances general administrations of the District and its expenditures since 1975?

To my acute and shallow young brain, I have never heard of an audit done to our books to verify the usage of fund in Goilala District.

What does such lack of Audits & monitoring means for Goilala in general?

In my opinion it means two things:

1. Our Financial Managements Systems and Processes are very transparent and accurate and very much according to set guidelines and procedures.
2. Goilalas Administrations with the political leadership [past and present] have delivered basic services without a slightest of hiccups since 1975.

Having said that, this basically should means basic services throughout the 3 LLGs in Goilala should be up to par and very much effective and efficiently operational meeting the demands of the people in all facets.

Transport is fully operational. Light aircrafts are flying into all airstrips 7 days are week. Basic health service is reachable in very remote places like Ilai Kiorive, Kambisea, Chirimes head waters, Aigora, Minaru, head waters of Jova Loloipa. All schools are fully staff, with all grades [1 – 6] fully filled with genuine classrooms and staff houses, telephone signals from B Mobile and Digicel are reachable all across Goilala’s rugged and rough mountainous terrains, EMTV signals are accessible and people have access to cleans water with electricity reaching each household.

38 Years is far too long. And been free of Audits both from provincial government and even Planning and Monitoring Department, and even Ombudsman Commission does not even bother to check.

Such in itself is a clear indication that Goilala today is well and truly developed beyond the wildest of dreams.

Or is it NOT?


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