Apart from the Goilala’s educated Human resources, which am hesitant to categories as assets for Goilala District, from my personal observation and assessment, I have not come to know if Goilala District as some form of material assets in place.

Asset is a item of value owned by someone.
Taking Goilala for instance, how many assets do we have? For example, does the district administration have vehicles? How many do they have? Police station in Tapini, do they have a vehicle(s)? And the health center in Tapini, do they have a vehicle(s)? The Tapini LLG, do they have an vehicle(s)?.

How about Woitape sub district center? Do they some form of asset, say a vehicle? Obviously where will they drive these vehicle(s) is another thing.

And how about Guari sub District center for Guari LLG? Do they have some form of assets?

And the District Education should be one area that should be equipped to run its own affairs. Do they exist and if they do, do they have any assets assigned to them?

Agriculture is another area that needs to be equipped to run its own affairs. If they are equipped, then are they functional available? Where?

While there is no over night fix to all that is in dire stages in our District, a proper problem identification exercise needs to be sanctioned. And problems identified. (Problems do not needs to be identified. Problems are visible). Solutions decided and then funds allocated to respective areas and work started.

For far too long, band aid solutions have been dished out with no long term solutions and plans set about.

Every 5 years, we have a heap of friends and cronies come in to manage our District Offices, affairs and coffers only to be replaced by another groups of friends and cronies.

Since 1975, no one has come up with a lasting and workable solution to our existing and long over due chronic situations all across Goilala.

To date, whatever assets that were bought by past MPs are either owned by their relatives(?) or are broken down and need fixing at the road sides or where ever they may be. Or they are gone and wont ever be returned to Goilala (stolen).

Someone needs to take ownership of this and effectively and efficiently manage this for the benefit of everyone.

History will repeat itself, because no one paid attention to it at the first place.


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