“Immediate commencement of work on Goilala District Admin. Office Complex MUST start”. We cant just sit back and be spectators.

Its been 2yrs since Department of National planning has released K5million in PIP(development grant) funds to Goilala District Admin.

Originally the Prov. Admin. was to manage the project but under our current Member of Parliments pressure, the responsibility was passed to the member.

Currently, monies from this program are being diverted to other programs. K80,000 to a ghost architectural designer from Milne Bay(deceased), K200,000 for structural engineering(?), K130,000 and K150,000 diverted to other programs as of last week, others I may not know but the Contract is already awarded to owner of Maggie Sea Food restaurant
(Malaysian) 4 months ago.

What else are we waiting for. I write without fear nor favor. Someone has to carry on the fight. Goilala Foundation Incorporated or other groups and its leadership, When will we be proactive.

This project needs to start for its value as a nerve center and a focal point for all development aspirations for everyone rests in its materialization.


    Kibuka Ambros Kariai
    So thats what MP Daniel Mona was doing at Maggies the other time we saw them there this year on a saturday.

    Kibuka Ambros Kariai
    We definitely need a change of leadership in 2017 for now let’s just monitor and DOCUMENT.

    Endrew Pittz
    I agree with da idea that we sud change da leadership in 2017 bcz thats nt da type of leadership we sud b having..we nid who will be able 2 deliver n nt spectate..goilala nids sum very serious n tangible development..

    Endrew Pittz
    I agree with da idea that we sud change da leadership in 2017 bcz thats nt da type of leadership we sud b having..we nid who will be able 2 deliver n nt spectate..goilala nids sum very serious tangible development…lets nt only spend money on human resource of da province bt try building our district for da wider communities to see what we goilalas realy ARE….

    Kibuka Ambros Kariai
    Endrew Pitzz, you have your family and I have mine. all of us have our relatives who are suffering from ONE MANS INACTIONS. we have to put an END TO THIS SORT OF CRAP.

    Francis Javia
    Under PFMA guidelines monies earmarked for an approved project ( under PIP program) are not to be diverted to other programs because its tied and that the submissions for the project alone was funded and any deviation in its implementation is deemed illegal particularly with diverting money.

    Gee Mavai
    If by law, the diversion of monies for an approved project under a PIP program are illegal then the people involved in this should be hauled in by the authorities and be charged for misappropriation of public funds; be they public servants, politicians and or members of the public. Also the change of leadership should now be a serious issue for all educated and other concerned Goilalas from all walks of life. This country is progressing and we up in Goilala are still lagging behind in terms of socio-economic development and infrastructure restoration and or development.

    Francis Javia
    Gentlemen, the intent of this post is that what’s happening is illegal and should be stoped. The Prov. Gov’t. does not wish to be part of this problem because our MP thought we couldn’t do a good job he would do. We need people to petition the Prov. Admin to put an halt to this crap.

    Kibuka Ambros Kariai
    Francis, a very good advice there. our problem now would be who would take the lead. But this the way forward as we dicuss issues afftecting our district and how to proper address them.

    Francis Javia
    Thanks bro Kibuka, The EO to PA mentioned to me the other day that educated elites should take the lead. The petition can be drawn but we need you guys to come, talk to PA and we all present it.

    Gee Mavai
    Francis, am coming down to see you after lunch today re- this and couple of other things as well.

    Laiam Gizorr Kirau
    Thank you for the information on money being spent elsewhere, rather than what it was intended. It is illegal as Francis said.
    Guys u all ar probably right about change of leadership in 2017, but issue at hand is da money spent wrongfully. Francs’ advice should be followed by we all as a group. Gather evidence of money spent n thoes of in pom get together n may be thoes outside depending on our job commitments get there n we petition the admin n mp. It is now or never.
    Just my thought.

    Alexis Hajaip
    Youngmen if this allegations are ALL true to detail am sorry…the member needs to prove himself not guilty of all these… from the outset i honestly see these allegations as no different from all allegations all former members were accusef off…i wonder why the good devil spoils good people to turn nasty in the name of the people of Goilala..God help Goilala..

    Anthony Morant
    I did a separate post for this but in light of this revelations. i Copy and paste.


    Members of GDDF,
    I got a question which am sure not everyone of you will love to hear. Its a boring subject and touchy as well.

    Here we go.

    Do we have any AUDITS done to our District Administrations Finances general administrations of the District and its expenditures since 1975?

    To my acute and shallow young brain, I have never heard of an audit done to our books to verify the usage of fund in Goilala District.

    What does such lack of Audits & monitoring means for Goilala in general?

    In my opinion it means two things:

    1. Our Financial Managements Systems and Processes are very transparent and accurate and very much according to set guidelines and procedures.
    2. Goilalas Administrations with the political leadership [past and present] have delivered basic services without a slightest of hiccups since 1975.

    Having said that, this basically should means basic services throughout the 3 LLGs in Goilala should be up to par and very much effective and efficiently operational meeting the demands of the people in all facets.

    Transport is fully operational. Light aircrafts are flying into all airstrips 7 days are week. Basic health service is reachable in very remote places like Ilai Kiorive, Kambisea, Chirimes head waters, Aigora, Minaru, head waters of Jova Loloipa. All schools are fully staff, with all grades [1 – 6] fully filled with genuine classrooms and staff houses, telephone signals from B Mobile and Digicel are reachable all across Goilala’s rugged and rough mountainous terrains, EMTV signals are accessible and people have access to cleans water with electricity reaching each household.

    38 Years is far too long. And been free of Audits both from provincial government and even Planning and Monitoring Department, and even Ombudsman Commission who does not even bother to check shows we are TRANSPARENT big time.

    Such in itself is a clear indication that Goilala today is well and truly developed beyond the wildest of dreams.

    Or is it NOT?

    Francis Javia
    Very valid insights fellows, Our government Auditing practices are below par compared to the private sector. We have the Provincial Internal Audits Division and is funded by the Prov. Admin so its findings are subject to the Administrations Jurisdiction. It cannot bypass and start crucifying without the Administrations consent . One effective auditing mechanism that can be used in the district is to use the external auditors (private) but it again costs money. Waigani Auditors (AG, OC) are too busy Auditing the top tier governments. After all who would want to use external Auditors to find their own faults.

    Gee Mavai
    It’ll take someone or some people with the guts and will to initiate and fund an audit to full completion to get a clear status of the Goilala Districts’ finances over the years and ensure people who have abused the system for self-gain be brought to justice and if possible assets and monies belonging to the Goilala people retrieved and re-applied for the benefit of the people. This will be a true patriot(s) who has/have the heart for Goilala and its people.

    Kibuka Ambros Kariai
    HINT: Wealthy Business People are looking at ways to spend money. Their problem is they have TOO much money and they don’t know how to spend some of it.

    If They Think that we have are Genuine case they Can Help us. BUt we have to PROVE IT first – documentation.


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