Laviten Michael - Goilala Highway in a state of closer. Student..Background.
Goilala District is mountainous, rugged and the mountain ranges are so stiff that the rivers that flow through these ranges are so rough and fast and milky with mud from land slides and erosion upstream. With such a terrain, the thought of having a Road link interconnecting the whole district up is a far distant possibility. It wont in the next 100 years in reality.

As such, the only transportation in and out of Goilala, 99% of it is done via air. Small light aircraft land strips and airstrips are scattered across Goilala’s grassy mountainous hillsides.

With a population that numbers around the 100s, scarcely scattered and dotted into small village communities, the small third liners providing air service to this rural villages occurs once every week. Been a business, who would want to have a 7 day service runs done to this less populated mountainous areas weekly only to end up making a huge loss at the end of the week. It makes business sense, to have only one service run to this out sketch mountainous regions in Central Province of Papua New Guinea.

Such leaves the Political leaders of Goilala District no choice but to look seriously into ensuring there is another means of transportation into Goilala to service the people of Goilala. Amongst a host of benefits that comes with having a cheap and affordable mode of transportation available to the people of Goilala, one spin off benefit that having such a service in place is it will keep services within the District operational.

Schools for example will get their supplies. And keep the schools running. Teachers will travel to and from Port Moresby for admin runs and other personal needs and wants. Health Centers will be keep kitted to be able to attend to sickness and injured.

The only road link into Goilala is the Goilala Highway, which is also known as MONA HIGHWAY. This road turns off at the Bakoidu Junction at the main HIRITANO Highway and runs through Bakoidu and into Mekeo hinterlands and up into the mountain ranges circumnavigating its way to Tapini Station, which is the District Headquarters for Goilala District.
This road in summary is the life line of most government services based in and operating out of Tapini station. The TAPINI SACRED HEART HIGH SCHOOL for instance gets most of its food rations from Port Moresby via this road. The high school uses this road to bring in its school supplies. The District Administration staff uses this road to get its operations going. The health services in Tapini station rely heavily on this road to get its supplies and medicines stocks refurnished.

Since the 2007 election, former MP Mathew Poia had a company known as HAU NAMONA Ltd specifically roosted to keep an eye on the road whole annually. And with such an arrangement in place, any land slips and land slides were cleared on time and promptly ensuring the flow of traffic was never impacted. Since the incumbent MP Honorable Daniel Mona came into power in July 2012, HAU NAMONA Ltd [it seems] has been stripped off this contract and the road has deteriorated beyond the unspeakable. [Who owns HAU NAMONA Ltd?  – Another Blog post will come through here in later date].

With the Goilala District 5YDP launched and out in the public domain now, it seems this HIGHWAY funding never got a slice of the cake. Even if it did get a mention, the attention it fully deserved was never accorded to it nor was it given the respect it requires.

It is rumored that this vital road link is inches away completely closing down for an indefinite period, as the road condition has gone past repair states.

if the Office of the MP for Goilala is aware or not is an issue is anyone’s guess.  For now we will only hope that our political leaders and the District Administration with Central Provincial Government wakes up from their slumber they have been in since 1975.

May God Have Mercy on Us. The road users from Goilala District.


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