KOIARI HOLDINGS Limited Coffee Mill.
This coffee mill has closed down mostly due to inadequate supply of coffee beans [green and dried]. Also contributing to its down fall [my view] was an establishment of a coffee mill down at Kone by the then Governor of Central Alphone Moroi [not sure of the name].

This particular coffee mill at Kone is closed down, [i assume] as is always the case with politically engineered and funded projects in this nation.

Two things of interest in this scenario…

1. Central Province Leadership and Educated Bureaucrats and Professionals are never UNITED. And will never, ever work alone side each other for the betterment of Central Province as a whole and its people. Which Goilala District is part and parcel of it.

2. Koiari Holding Coffee Mill and these Politically set up coffee Mill at Kone was hell dependent on Coffee from Goilala. About 85% of the total coffee entering these two mills were literally from Goilala. But what these two mills were getting from Goilala [in terms of tonnage of coffee] was just mere 10% of the total coffee production potential that Goilala has.

We are only 26 minutes by air [Plane], 30 minutes by chopper, 4 hrs non stop by Road. We can supply any coffee mill in Pom for this matter with sufficient and adequate amount of coffee beans.

But why is it so hard for some leader – like the governor of central province, Agriculture Minister [Puka Temu??], MP for Goilala [former and current] and Department of Agriculture, and National Agriculture Bank tap into this potential?

Is the problem related to the bad reputation that the name Goilala as associated with it? Or is it just pure blind leading the blind? Or is it complete lack of vision for Agricultural sector of Goilala?

I aint blaming no one. Am only pin point the potential which has been here since 1975 and no one has even come to realize and tap into it.

1 thought on “KOIARI HOLDINGS Limited Coffee Mill – ANTHONY MORANT

  1. I would like to try and help get some things up and running. I need a visa and living-costs (as a ‘business consultant brother’ sponsored by a church). Email me for my resume to masalai.cno@gmail.com – I live in Mareeba (moving there on Monday 10 Aug 2015 from temporary residence in Kuranda FN Queensland).


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