While the whole nation is up in arms with mixed reaction after the 2014 National Budget is been passed, I would like to take this moment to ask what has the Budget got for us Goilala District & her people?

Obviously Goilala District is really an economical burden to the National government and as such we never give anything back to the National government.

We have the Tolukuma Gold Mines Ltd which is owned and operated by Petromin Holdings Ltd. But I think that’s all there is in terms of Goilala’s contribution toward national building, i reckon.

Well we also have a good number of Goilalas who work in private and public sector that pays taxes but that a totally different ball game.

Normally when it comes to Budget cuts and shares, Central Province does get a fair chunk of the funding. And then Central Province then shares this amongst the four District.

Based on population figures and economical activities within a district, funds are shared accordingly.

Goilala District with a very small population, and a rugged mountain terrain which is very unattractive to economical activities, stands a very highly unfavorable chances to getting anything bigger.

I reckon we get a very small cut compared to other 3 districts in Central Province.

Whatever little we get from this Provincial budgets, all of that is obviously used by in the Administration of the District.

What Administration? It seems this refers to the people who manage the District affairs. The District Administration and his troops. Not sure who else. Because if these funds were used in the “District Administration” – building bridges, schools, health centers, airstrips, health centers, roads – am sure that would have been visible by now.

All in all whatever we get goes to the salaries, perks and privileges and allowances of the public servants that manages the District affairs.

This then leaves us the people of Goilala with literally nothing, if any.

So literally, the whatever-billion-kina budget that was just passed in that “House of the Devils” down at Waigani, does not really mean anything to us the people of Goialla.Or is it?

Because, if there is something for us, that something is used up at Konedobu and Waigani Parliament anyway.

Progress and Development are cargo cult folklore in Goilala people vocabulary.


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