The 2015 Budget: Profit and Greed overshadows humanity – Gary Juffa

The 2015 Budget: Profit and Greed overshadows humanity - Gary Juffa

“We are the sacrificial lamb” for the few capitalists whose hunger for wealth is quenchless and unceasing…We are not going to sit by and watch capitalists and their Papua New Guinean political allies exploiting us…We have planted the seeds which will germinate soon not only in Bougainville but throughout Papua New Guinea..”

Francis Ona, Bougainville Resistance Army Commander…

These words will ring true to the ears of our people, our political leaders are failing the very people they have been elected to represent…they are instead siding with corporate interest and promoting the agenda of greed and profit….with proper agricultural strategies, Papua New Guinea could easily be the food bowl of the region and even the world, it could be a tourist haven and embark on a environmental and sustainably friendly economy cashing in on its rich culture and ancient peoples…but it is now being poisoned…sold…disfigured….everything on it and in it and around it is destined for coffers of the rich…evil prevails here it seems….such is the philosophy of the greed and profit merchants that nothing is sacred, everything has a price, efforts to discuss future and consideration of the environment are instead laughed at with cynicism and clever interpretation of the outdated colonial laws designed to suppress human interest and promote rampant capitalism…this is evident with the Seabed Mining Scam, the Djoko Tjandra Scam, land grabbing scams galore and on and on it goes…..This 2015 deficit budget, which is party centric is but a mere scam designed to keep those in power longer at the expense of those who speak up, the people and the future generations…The leaders designing the budget have ignored all processes and procedures that many members have followed diligently preparing and submitting requests for development projects…instead it is cunningly structured to cater to political allegiances and prepare for the 2017 elections…

Yes, greed and profit and those who subscribe to those twin evils are in control of Papua New Guinea…it is to be expected…in the land of the unexpected…and once more…the people pay the price…


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