SIGNATORIES TO THE PETITION TO MP MONAIMG_0034 IMG_0033 IMG_0032 IMG_0031 IMG_0030 IMG_0029 IMG_0028 IMG_0027 IMG_0026 IMG_0025 IMG_0024 IMG_0023

The images showing all the signatures of those students who signed to show solidarity and unity amongst students in their concerns.

The petition has been picked up by the Member from a neutraul location last week Wednesday.
Its now a week, and there has not been any form of response from the Office of the Honorable Member for Goilala.

When a response is made, it will be pushed out here as usual.

Meanwhile the students have been sent home a week earlier than usual due to worsening road conditions which has literally cut off the school from Port Moresby.

The school uses this road to get their rations from Port Moresby. And now that the road seem impassable, that leaves the school administration no option but to close the school.

Its a sad situation, but a situation that as come about as a result of other incidents and situations.


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