Tapini Sacred Heart High School students Petitions MP Mona – TAPINI


                                                                           P O Box 300, BOROKO, National Capital District


To: The Honorable Daniel Mona, Member of Parliament (Goilala Open)


Petition: Outstanding Project Fee Payment and to Upgrade to Secondary Status


We the students SHHS Tapini would like to petition you to help us upgrade the school to cater for Grade 11 and Grade 12 next year based on the following reasons.

1.            Outstanding Project Fee

1.1         Project Fee Commitment

  • On the 16th of March 2013, you promised us (the students), parents and the community that you would pay up our project fee for the year 2013.
  • To our understanding the school administration has informed us and our parents that you have so far paid K20 000 only.
  • K20 000 divided into 280 plus students would mean each student will be receiving K70 for their project fees which is not enough.
  • It is most likely that the fee will be forwarded to the next year and this will add up more burdens to our parents to pay up in order for us to enrol. “WHAT DO WE TELL OUR PARENTS WHEN WE RETURN HOME DURING THE CHRISTMAS BREAK???”

1.2         Paying Fee for Students from Goilala in Other Electorate

  • We the students in SHHS-Tapini applaud the good work you are doing in educating all Goilalas but you as OUR elected member should give priority to us before you think about others in other electorates.
  • Our parents and communities in Goilala voted you into office and not those who are residing in other electorates in other provinces. You are OUR member; they have their elected representatives of parliament.
  • The students in other centres and electorates already have access to quality education; we here in Goilala SHOULD deserve better.
  • The 10 million kina is right fully ours, NOT those who live in POM or Kairuku/Hiri.

 2.            Up-Grading Of SHHS-Tapini into Secondary

2.1         Commitment of K500, 000 to Upgrade the High School

  • The commitment made by the Hon Prime Minister on September 16th 2013, in front of us, parents and the community of K500 000 towards upgrading the school.
  • We understand that the money has been released to the district treasury and we do not want this money to be diverted to other projects. Can this money be given to the school as soon as possible so that work can be done to upgrade this school (in its efforts to become a secondary school)

2.2         Situation at Mainohana

  • The recent burning down of dormitory in Mainohana Secondary will have a great impact on our education as we will be disadvantaged, especially those taking year 11, 12 and TVET.
  • The ethnic clashes between Roros and Mekeo’s had resulted in property destruction and suspension of school. This has greatly disadvantaged students from Goilala and other students who are innocent.
  • The Roros and Mekeo’s have an ongoing history of disturbing the school and their politics will continue to disadvantage us Goilala students.
  • Here in Tapini, we respect the school property and do not attack students while community around Mainohana do not seem to show respect towards the school and its properties.
  • If we can have this school upgraded into a secondary school we can keep the students here to continue their education and also it will open up the opportunity for Goilalas living in other areas to come back here to receive an education
  • The burning down of a dormitory could result in less number of Goilala students attending Mainohana or either reduces the number of SHHS-Tapini intake next year.
  • Regarding the students that are currently attending Mainohana, they have raised the question as “WHERE WILL THESE STUDENTS GO?” if Mainohana Secondary continues to experience the Roro and Mekeo ethnic clash.
  • Mainohana cater for a large number of graduate students from SHHS-Tapini.

3.            Ablution Block

  • On March 16th 2013, you promised the school that you would help us by committing “KINA FOR KINA” towards the maintenance of the boy’s ablution blocks. So far you did not full fill your promise and commitment.
  • The school board, Fr Brian Cahill and administration have built this ablution block at the cost of nearly K400 000 as mentioned by the school board chairman on 16th September, 2013.
  • The school board had to use the money saved over the years on this project.

 4.            Road Link

  • The school along with its teachers and students sacrifice time, effort and take risks to maintain and keep the road open and incur all the cost of fixing it all on our own.
  • The road is very important to this learning institution and its survival depends largely on the road being kept open. This only road link caters for our school supplies. Without this vital road link the school will not operate in the future as the cost of goods and services are very high to airlift by plane.
  • We students sometimes have to forfeit our free weekend and weekend study to fix and maintain the road link so that we can transport our much needed supplies. This has been on-going for some time now. We and teachers have been engaged clear landslides and built makeshift bridges on numerous occasion between Tapini and Lilo area.
  • On Saturday 3rd/11/13, 20 students, 3 teachers and the school Headmaster spend 6 hours clearing a landslide near Kone Bridge which is the latest undertaking to keep this road open.
  • If this road link is to be deem unworthy of travel or if no efforts are made to fix the road link, this will increase the cost of our fee to cater for air transportation which will be too expensive for us and our parents.


We understand and support you and your administration in its efforts to bring vital and basic services to this remote part of PNG. We believe that you are the right person to bring change to Goilala, we have faith in your abilities to do so and we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and aim in regards to educating us here in Goilala. During your visit to Goilala on the 16th of September 2013, the Hon Prime Minister Peter O’Neil pointed out to us that the “single most important assets in developing PNG is its human resource”. We are Goilalas future and much of what we want to become and achieve rely much on what you do to us today. Let us help each other to develop Goilala for the future.

We the students of Sacred Heart High School petition you the above points regarding our school and our education. We would like to have a “response from you within the next two weeks” before we leave for our Christmas break. As we do not know what we will tell our parents, in regard to the above points and our future in education. We kindly ask if you may honour your commitment that you made to us regarding the above points.

Above all you are our member and we will still support you efforts to bring development. May the Lord God guide and bless you.

Authorized by the Students’ Representative Council.


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