IMG-20131213-WA0000There is nothing very rosy and attractive in Goilala. This is a fact known literally by everyone. Both in Papua New Guinea and abroad. Not everyone that hears about Goilala spends a minute of their precious time trying to find out about it more, in order to decide and make up their mind whether to head there or not.

Goilala District lies towards the north eastern direction from Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. It is one of the 4 districts that make up the Central Province, in the Southern Region, which also include Milne Bay, Northern, Gulf and Western Provinces.

Exit and Entry into Goilala is 95% via air transport, and another 4% via the Goilala Highway, which is also known as the Mona Highway and the remaining 1% is via foot. Bush tracks leads from various spots in Goilala and end up along the Hiritano Highway, which is where those that travel via foot can catch the next pushing PMV to get to Port Moresby.

Its not as easily done as said. The terrain is rugged; the rivers are large and fast. The rain fall is high and the forest is thick and unfriendly. It takes real people to walk these tracks.

At the start conclusion of the 2012 National Election, when incumbent honorable MP for Goilala was declared, down at Taurama Army barracks, in July 2012, there was jubilation and joy compounded with celebrations and feasting which included obviously alcohol and pork.

During his victory speech, honorable Daniel K Mona confidently stated “He will sleep in Tapini station. He won’t collect project proposals in the streets of Port Moresby. Should anyone present a proposal to him in Pom, he will burn that”.
Honorable Mona further proclaimed, he will “ensure the MONA HIGHWAY, was funded, and maintained all year round. He added further that the “road which will connect Tolukuma Gold Mines to Port Moresby would be named D K Mona Highway.”

These were words directly spoken by the honorable MP Mona. And the crowd in appreciation clapped and shouted joyously. Their faces where lighted up and obviously expectation was bustling with high confidence.

Fast forward that to December 2013.
With the festive season here and the Christmas holidays kicking in, most public servants are returning home to spend time with their families and loved ones. Students have had their schools closed signifying the end of another academic year.

Public servants in Tapini and Goilala District for this matter will have to face the realistic, unforgiving fact that transportation will be their obstacle.

To further disrupt the festive feeling, the Goilala Highways aka MONA highway is impassible and closed. The main cause of this closure is the heavy down pour from heavy rains. In most sections, landslips have either closed off the road or have taken out a section of the road with it. Making it practically impossible for traffic to go into Tapini or out of Tapini.

This has left the teachers little hope or no choice at all. The only option left in this scenario was WALKING, which is what they did.

A couple of Teachers from Tapini Sacred Heart High School and some health workers from Tapini Health Center decided walking to Port Moresby was the best they could do in this dire situation. So they packed up, got prepared and started walking on Wednesday 11 December 2013. They walked the whole length of Goilala Highway headed for Port Moresby. On their way, they had to help clear some fallen trees and negotiate some landslips too.
With the distance between Bakoidu and Kubuna not far, these brave public servants most probably spent a night between Tapini and Bakoidu. And then journeyed through to Kubuna and caught a PM to Port Moresby.
Reports from Tapini confirmed some more traveling public started their walk to Port Moresby yesterday. While some left this morning.

These are the public servants. What would be the case with the parents who would want to escort their children down to Port Moresby for Christmas shopping before school start? Remember, there aint no third level airline servicing Goilala District at this stage.


This unfortunate situation and event would not have transpired had the highway was been maintained.



  1. Village level (grass roots) efforts are the only way to make things happen in the more remote ends of a road network in need of some maintenance… Thanks to the people for their much appreciated efforts.


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