Goilala Still Waiting for Mona to Deliver-View Point

Goilala still waiting on Mona to Deliver.
Goilala still waiting on Mona to Deliver.
The year 2013 is closing in on us quicker than we thought. Its just like January 2013 was only a week ago.
On the political front, not everything seem encouraging for the people of Goilala and Goilala District itself.
After July 2012, Honorable MP for Goilala has taken a trip or two via choppers and  spent literally less than 30mins on the ground in various locations he visited.
Apart from that, he has literally spent the first year of his 5 year term in Port Moresby.
Which has left alot of disgrunted Goilalas and if what is been is posted on Social media is something to go by, we can truly conclude that there is alot of unhappy people now wanting some answers from their elected MP – Honorable Daniel K Mona.


Member One:
“WHERE IS OUR K10,000,000.00 [K10million] for 2013? What happened to it? Where was it used? Do we have some form of proof to confirm the use of this funds? Apart from the Education fees for UPNG & DWU [???], I am at a loss to understand where our K10mil for 2013 is gone to?”
“Tapini station has some facelift on the market, I assume, but that was initiated and funded by out going Mathew Poia. The health center was done by AusAid and Alphonse Moroi. Which leaves me with nothing, zero, and a conclusion which am sure is obviously.


Member Two:
“It is now a serious concern that our duly elected MP, Mr Daniel K. Mona has gone very quiet unlike when he started off with a big ‘bang’ in July 2012 after being declared as the duly elected MP for Goilala. With this silence, there is a related quietness on the development front in Goilala. People back home in Goilala are still waiting for him to return home to them.”

“The end of 2013 is upon us now and people are expecting some christmas presents in the form of the much-needed socio-economic services and delivery of basic infrastructure services. Any of Mona’s connections or people in his network here on FB can shed a light on this for good of the silent and suffering people back home in Goilala??? Hello…anyone???”

Member Three
“Hey guys you arenot here in POM…but word is out that some investigation is happening so he is lying low.
Lets hope for a bi-election…Anyone of you interested.”


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