Sir Puka: We Want Our Land Back. PNG Edge

Sir Puka: We Want Our Land Back. PNG Edge

Public Services Minister and Abau MP Sir Puka Temu challenged the Central Provincial Assembly to focus on delivering services to their people and get their land back from the State.

Sir Puka, who looks after more than 55,000 people in the Abau electorate, said land is the major issue affecting the people of Central province.

“For so long our people have been neglected and have been left out in the economic benefits of our land in which the city is built upon.

“People from other provinces have been benefitting from our land because we have been too lazy and expecting Government to give us all the time.

“It’s about time we stand up and venture into agriculture and enjoy the benefits of our land,” Sir Puka said.

He told the assembly that they have to vigorously look into the matter of land mobilization and take the city back.

“We cannot be sitting and seeing our people sleeping on the streets at the Port Moresby General Hospital every day and night.

“This is our land and we have all the right to get it back. It all needs support and how we play the game.” he said.

Sir Puka told the leaders that Port Moresby city has been laying golden eggs on their land but they could not see them because they are too lazy to see the opportunities and tap into the economical stream and partake in the spin-offs.

He commended the Central Governor for the job well done since taking office last year.

Sir Puka will be leading a team of leaders from the Central province and come up with plans and strategies on how they will be tackling the issue and take back their land.

1 thought on “Sir Puka: We Want Our Land Back. PNG Edge

  1. Puka is a double tongued politician. He tells the people one thing, and decides to do the exact opposite of what he tells the people with the government. Well with the government which is a puppet to the rich and filthy multinational companies and individuals.

    Maybe the Central Province should ask Puka, with Ano Pala and Palu Ahi with Mathew Poia [former Goilala MP] what was/is the story with Naima Rice project deal.

    Did these politician organize with the LOs to register their land well before the deal was sealed?

    Puka Temu has lived long enough and has held very senior positions in various government offices before becoming a politicians where he also was and is part of the inner circle when it comes to government dealings.

    But why isn’t he fighting the Papuan War on the floor of Parliament instead he comes down to the Provincial Assembly to fool the fools who are also puppets who can’t stand a blade of grass to fight for the rights of Central people and their issues and affairs.

    We have a situation here where our leaders are Snakes in the grass.

    They tell us one thing on campaign trails, they tells us another thing when in power in facing us, and does the exact opposite behind our backs.

    Traitors. I am not ashamed to call them that.


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