2014: Year of Implementation for Goilala District? By Thomas EME

The first day of the new year 2014 has now come to a close. While reflecting on what this new year will unfold for Goilala District, I am prompted to say that perhaps it will be the year to start the implementation process of development by our new MP. I say this because in 2013 there was so much talk about projects the MP is working on and new projects to work on in the years ahead.

The MP has not started on any tangible project as yet (or are there any?) The various financial commitments the MP made to people, organizations and agencies in the District in 2013, if not yet settled, will now be carried over into 2014, the Implementation year according to my personal judgement.

In 2014 the whole of Goilala District will be watching how MP Daniel K. Mona will meet outstanding financial commitments from 2012 and 2013 while concurrently meeting budget and 5YDP commitments and schedules for 2014. His ability to do this correctly and get back on the right track will determine his true leadership quality and capabilities.

From observations made so far, the MP is still trying hard to fit into the shoes of his Late father and first member for Goilala Open, Honorable Louis Mona. If Daniel K. Mona fails to find his niche in politics as a real true esteemed Goilala leader and follow in his late father’s footsteps this year, then Goilalas must accept the real hard truth that MP Daniel K. Mona is not of a caliber that can easily fit into the shoes of his late father, Honorable Louis Mona. He must humbly step aside and maintain his dignity and respect which was handed to him on a golden plate because of his Late father or face humiliation and disrespect for his own actions.

I can only predict the latter scenario happening but our good MP must prove me wrong.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all our readers for 2014.

Thomas Eme
Interim President – GOILALA FOUNDATION Inc


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