Goilala people are very desperate for basic services – Laviten Michael

We cannot bring development to Goilala District without the road link. Goilala Highway serves the people of Kuni and Goilala towards Tapini, Kunimaipa (upper & lower), Garaina, Kerau, Aiwara, and Sopu. Many other places still have horse tracks created by early missionaries and man made tracks in the district. Goilala highway will be in turmoil within a few weeks because of lack of maintenance and infrastructures happening on the ground.
Tapini Highway - Worsening - Nov2013
Nothing much has been spent on the road last year or whatever was spent; we haven’t seen any outcome and fruit of it. Money was given to the contractor and the contractor doesn’t have proper equipments to do work on the road. This is mere political arrangement and only serves the interest of certain individuals. We call for an audit to the Goilala District Administration Accounts because there is few or no tangible development happening on the ground. Yet people concerned continue to dish out cash into the hands of people who put in false claims or Goilalans living in other electorates which is against government policy. Handing out district funds like this is ridiculous and the district seems to move into giving out large amount of cash as free handouts which we see no benefit of it at all. Free handouts bring no development at all to Goilala District.
Kerau VillageWe have been left in the dark and we need an explanation from the member’s office regarding this matter. We are left with no choice and high school students from Sacred Heart High School – Tapini have been used to clear the road to get their school supplies last year. This is unacceptable and unfair for poor students doing the road works.
Many concern parents have raise concerned over this issue and would like to get a response from the member for Goilala and the government regarding devastating condition of the road when school opens early February. I hope something is done about it. Many areas of the road have been damaged by continuous rainfalls and landslides during the past few months. This is the only road link where we get basic services and supplies for health and education as well as people get their market produce to Port Moresby to earn little bit of cash and income. 2013 is gone and we welcome 2014 which open another chapter. Who knows what will happen when nothing is done to bad condition of the road. We hope the K10 million will be spend wisely on the road to keep it open.The Prime Minister, Hon: Peter O’Neil during Independence Day in his visit to Tapini last year (2013) promised the people of Goilala K10 million for the improvement and development done to the road and its infrastructures. Let this fund be used alone on the improvement of the Highway for the benefit of the people of Goilala if release this year (2014) or already being released last year (2013) and should not be diverted somewhere else. One of the remarks he made was that he wanted to commit his government to concentrating on working with the member for Goilala for the delivery of services in Goilala District.Digicel Foundation also has committed themselves to education by providing opportunities for building classrooms in community schools in Goilala District. This has come to a standstill because the member for Goilala has gone silent. It has been a setback for the people of Kerau when materials for their double classroom still waiting to be airlifted to the site. The member for Goilala promised the people of Kerau and up till now nothing has been done to transport the building materials. People have waited and nothing has been happening and have decided to carry the school materials by foot to Kerau. What a sacrifice parents have made when they desperately needed classrooms for their children to be in school in 2014.

Kerau Com Schoool

Outstanding payments of school fees from last year (2013) are yet to be paid in for Goilala students at Sacred Heart High School-Tapini and Mainohana. This will heavily fall back on the parents this year. The youths of today are an asset for Goilala District and they should be supported appropriately in their education. It is important to note that young people in local communities of Goilala are the best and greatest resources and their education becomes the best investment the District can make in its future. We need educated young people who can be able to become astute and capable leaders, professionals, business people and citizens; which build the foundation required to a secure and prosperous society in Goilala.

Along the same note the education system in Goilala has had a lot of difficulties receiving financial support required over the many years to properly function, leading to the deterioration we see today. Sadly, funds allocated for the education sector seem to be short circuited into the pockets of corrupt politicians and their cronies. What Goilala people really wants to see is service delivery in the district and not dishing out funds in other electorates like what is happening now. Free handouts are not service delivery anyway. It only leads to misappropriation of public funds which is supposed to fund projects in the district development plans. Does the district have a plan in terms of development? Does the district know where it is going? What are the priorities in the district? Is the district moving forward in terms of development?

Law and order is another big issue that needs to be addressed. We cannot bring development without the enforcement of the law. We need to have police personals on the ground so that law and order is maintained every now and then. There are so many pending cases that need to be addressed in the district. Women and girls in Goilala district continue to experience threats, abuse and violence and very little or nothing is done to protect them. This has been the scenario happening at Aiwara which I recently visited. Youths are engaged in destroying properties, raping of women and girls, destroying food gardens, burning down family homes, high level of marijuana cultivation, harvested and brought down to Port Moresby with very little or no monitoring system from Doa Check Point along the highway.

If the member is still interested in the people of Goilala, please come forward and address this issue. Families from villages at Aiwara have decided to move either to Kerau mission station, Garaina or Morobe seeking safety. Kunimaipa villages also have their own episodes similar to Aiwara where there are lots of problems blooming here and there because of lack of service delivery and law and order problems.

One of the comments mentioned in the Goilala Forum on the students’ petition by the member saying “Sacred Heart High School – Tapini and the whole of Goilala District will always remain blurred” only show and tell us about his lack of concern, lack of capacity building, bad leadership and governance of the district.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/goilala/permalink/611624108896121/The member for Goilala is saying to its people that he does not want to be criticized and be corrected. This is a democratic society, students of Sacred High School – Tapini and people of Goilala have a right to speak because it is their constitutional rights. It is about freedom of speech. It is one of the areas in their education that they need to be exposed to, learned and not sit back and accept everything as normal. I think the member needs to respect these people concerned because they are the very ones who elected him as a member and for him to seat on that chair as their leader. Without these he is nothing.There are many pending issues that need to be address which still awaits his response and commitment. Probably his vision for the future of Goilala District is distorted and blurred if that is the case, as representing the voice of the people of Goilala district, we recommend to him that he resigns from office as a member and don’t waste our time for the next four years because there are already signs of no productivity from his leadership in Goilala District. We also call for the member of Goilala to resign and give way for a by-election so that someone suitable should step in and save Goilala District from the way it is going. God help us! Just to ask this question to the public: Who is the member for Goilala? Is it John Mona or Daniel Mona? I am confusion.

One thought on “Goilala people are very desperate for basic services – Laviten Michael

  1. Goilala District is not like say our brothers from Obura Wanenara District. Where access.to HQ and even parliment and practically every required service is beyond reach.

    Goilala.has all.these services..demand for.fresh prpduce, access to best medical.services in PNG standards, third level.airlines are countless, Parliment house is in Pom and our MP is within arms reach if meeded. Telecommunication and TV signals are avaialable.

    We should never be disadvantaged in any way shape.or form.

    Needless to say.. we are So Close..Yet so Far Away.


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