Goilala people worried over fund expenditure – PETER NOMAI

THE PEOPLE of Goilala District in the Central Province are upset with their local district treasury office for allowing expenditures outside of the electorate.

A representative from the Aiwara ward 4 in Tapini Local Level Government (LLG) Peter Normai made this remark in line with a previous article in the Post-Courier. According to the article, the disbursement components of District Service Improvement Program (DSIP) expenditures for the district is a total breach of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and is of legal concern.

Mr Normai applauded the brave effort of the veteran public servant for putting that information to light so that Papua New Guineans including the people of Goilala would know how their local MP has been using the public monies.

“I call on the Ombudsman Commission and the Transparency International to step in and assist us the people of Goilala,’’ he said. “There is no service delivery in the district and over the last 12 months the road infrastructure have gone from bad to worse, that is making it difficult for the Goilala people to bring their produce down to the market to sell.’’

He said it’s now time for the MP to tell the people of Goilala of his plans to develop the district rather than spending money on Goilalas living outside of the electorate. “I am from Goilala and I can’t see my brother and leader go on like this while the very people that mandated him on the floor of parliament suffer because of lack of service delivery,” Mr Normai said.


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