Goilala Students Praise Education Foundation – The National

Goilala Students praise education foundation.
Goilala Students praise education foundation.

Goilala Open MP Honorable Daniel K Mona sanctioned and initiated Louis Mona Foundation Inc has been hailed a success if the reports on The National’s 16th January 2014 edition is anything go go by.

The students of Goilala [which school are these students attending?] have thrown their support behind their Open MP Daniel K Mona rubbishing “public criticisms” of the education policies under taken by their local MP.

Mr Boniface Eve was on hand to reaffirm this Foundation’s policy by saying the Foundation is starting its works in Central Province and National Capital District and would extend into other centers. Which obviously is Lae, Hagen, Rabaul. Goroka, Madang, Wewak, Kimbe, Kavieng and the rest of PNG towns.

Mr Eve further claims International Training Institute will be their institute of choice for drop outs from Goilala to further their studies.


Where are the funding for this Foundation coming from? If these funding is coming from the Goilala people’s DSIP funds then who comes its been allocated to an entity that is not registered with Investment Promotion Authority of Papua New Guinea?


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