An amount of K500 thousand is needed to do initial studies for the proposed township of Mondo in the Goilala district of Central Province. Due to its geographical location, Mondo will serve as the mining township of the Tolukuma Gold Mine.


  1. So its Official we have a Mine township at Mondo.

    Goillala has three LLGs having a Sub District head quarter to each. Tapini LLG has Tapini station, Woitape LLG has Woitape and Guari LLG has Guari.

    TGM mine is in Woitape LLG. If you look at the distance between the mine and Woitape station, its a mere 5-7KM [+/-].

    Mondo – for starters, there is no one there. Except for the Mondo Primary school there is nothing, no villages close by and if there are villages, these villages have been abandoned and all occupants moved to TGM mine site.

    MP Mona been from Fane [Auga Dilava] wants to keep the blessing within and easily reachable by his voter. Its not secret. Because I was involved in the counting at Taurama and I must say whole of Auga Dilava did a block vote on him which got him into first place, pushing Poia back to second.

    The poor Woitape station is lying idle there with elephant grass gradually over taking it. Why can’t it be re-developed and maintained and rebuilt for the benefit of the whole Woitape LLG?


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