Prime Minister Peter O’Neil and his State Enterprises Minister Ben Micah as well as sidekick supporter and NCD Governor Powes Parkop all turned up at the FM 100 Talkback Show today. The Show itself was pretty crappy with host Roger Hau’Ofa doing a pitiful job of allowing the Prime Minister and his party to really answer the tough questions that Papua New Guineans wanted to ask about theUBS Loan. It was obvious listening to the whole show that Roger would be quick to intervene and cut off anyone who was asking the important and tough questions. On the other hand, those who were stroking the Prime Minister’s ego and basically sucking up to him were allowed to rant and rave on totheir hearts content.Anyway, that crappy show allowed me as a keen listener to pick up an important statement by PM O’Neill, Minister Micah and sidekick Governor Parkop. The three admitted that the UBS Loan was obtained to re-finance the IPIC Loan.All along I had been of the opinion that the IPIC loan had already been concluded because the government had failed the people of PNG by not being pro-active and not being prepared to settle the loan in a manner that PNG would redeem our Oil Search (OSL) shares. There was ample time to persuade IPIC to accept payment for the shares but the Government was not prepared on time and as a result, the option to redeem our shares fell through. This line of thinking is confirmed by Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil. This is one line of thinking but there is also another.

The other line of thinking is that the Government must have known for a long time that IPIC were not going to give up the OSL shares. In the midst of organizing the re-financing of the IPIC loan, the government approached a number of potential financiers, including UBS. Funding was secured from UBS with the government ALREADY having FULL KNOWLEDGE that the OSL shares were lost to IPIC.

Instead of pulling out of the loan negotiations with UBS, and NOT FURTHER COMMITTING PNG and our people (taxpayers) to MORE DEBT the Government, in the Wisdom of Peter O’Neill, James Marape and Ben Micah decided to proceed!! They did so with FULL KNOWLEDGE that IPIC were not going to give up the shares!!

James Marape admitted to this at the UPNG Forum today. Don Polye also confirmed this was what happened and in fact called O’Neill, Marape and Micah “naughty boys” because they COULD HAVE pulled out of the UBS deal and released PNG from any more debt but they DELIBERATELY CHOSE not to!! They CHOSE to proceed with the loan because another “sweet deal” was waiting on the other side of the table.

There must have been some good lollies offered to these “naughty boys” by UBS, Interoil or OSL because this loan was “UNNECESSARY” AND “COULD” HAVE BEEN AND “SHOULD” HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!! PNG did not have to commit itself further to the UBS LOAN, we were under no obligation to do so!!

Peter O’Neill, James Marape and Ben Micah can “dress this deal” up all they want by calling it the “best deal” but it is NOT a best deal at all for PNG. Apart from contravening all the laws outlined by Don Polye, the loan itself has brought our National Debt to K14 BILLION as confirmed by Don Polye at the UPNG forum.

James Marape also confirmed that THIS LOAN alone was the reason Don Polye got the sack as Treasurer. He said there were differences in opinions with Marape, O’Neill and Micah of the opinion that PNG would be BETTER OFF with this investment in OSL shares but Don Polye on the other hand opposed the deal because he wanted the Government to concentrate on its CORE BUSINESS which is to deliver Infrastructure and other social obligations to the people of PNG. Polye was of the opinion that if we have to obtain a loan, then we must use it to support our ailing infrastructure and SOEs like PNG Power, Telikom or even Jacksons Airport were three examples he used.


While we dream of some future returns on our investments in shares, the CHILDREN, WOMEN and MEN of PNG are dying “TODAY” and “RIGHT NOW” – “EVERYDAY” because of lack of government services!! This is what economists and accountants refer to as OPPORTUNITY COST.

The pertinent question we all must ask then is this “WHAT IS THE PRIMARY OBLIGATION AND BUSINESS OF GOVERNMENT”?? Is it to enter into business deals by investing in speculative share markets for some anticipated future earnings or to address its SOCIAL and MORAL obligations and try to improve people’s lives NOW!!

To conclude, it seems the Prime Minister and his key Economic Ministers have LOST FOCUS of their primary mandated responsibilities to the people of PNG. They are now thinking as businessmen using PNGs resources to invest in speculative share markets.

Source: PNG NEWS Group Facebook.

The Speech that Made Obama President



Published on Aug 30, 2012

In 2004, a one-term senator from Illinois took the stage to deliver the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. By the time Barack Obama had finished speaking, Democrats across the country knew they had seen the future of their party.

Political speech experts featured in this episode include:

Michael A. Cohen
Author, Live From The Campaign Trail

Mario Cuomo
Former Governor of New York

Robert Lehrman
Chief Speechwriter for Vice President Gore and Professor of Speechwriting, American University

Charlton McIlwain
Professor of Communication, New York University

Jeff Shesol
Speechwriter for President Clinton and Founding Partner, West Wing Writers

PODIUM is a bi-weekly series that embraces the art of public speaking and honors those with something to say. From historic political speeches, to contemporary commencement addresses, to wedding toasts, the series explores various genres of speechmaking and provides inspiring, insightful analysis including “how-to” content.

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Dear Honorable Daniel K Mona,
If you are alive, which am sure you are, and if you can access the Internet, please visit this BLOG and see for yourself what you have given to us the people of Goilala District.

You may blame it on the past political regimes that served in that seat prior to 2012, one thing you must understand [am sure you understand it loud & clear] is you are in the drivers seat right now.
The ball is in your court.

Its now 2014, February. You were declared MP for Goilala down in Taurama army barrack in July 2012. Doing the math, you have been in that Goilala MP Office for a year & half now.

And it seems, if GOILALA HIGHWAY, which is also known as the MONA HIGHWAY is any reflection of the type of leadership qualities you have, it does not seem promising.

Recently, medical supplies where flown into Tapini using some chartered plane. Why weren’t the highway used? You fly into Tapini using choppers. That’s why you have no idea what the current status of the highway is. You drive up to Gabadi and Bereina villages and not beyond that so you are not sure if the road is up to scratch for public usage.

You promote your school fee propaganda hype on the media – The National – but that’s all there is good about your regime.

Your recent “chest beating” hype on page 18 of The National’s 17th March 2014 edition, you seem to claim that the large number of Goilala students in Sogeri is your doing.

Be realistic. Most of those students are ex Tapini Sacred Heart High School students. Have you assisted TSHHS Students and that school in anyway shape or form?
We all know you have not so please, stop fooling yourself on public main stream media.

Fix The Road. Its gone past the stage of no return.




How can this two entities work together for the benefit of the people who call Goilala their home? Is it possible these two can work together?

Catholic Church has stood the test of time over time. Catholic Church has lived through thick and thin throughout time in Goilala District. Catholic came into

Mt Albert Edward - Courtesy of Fr Malota of Fatima Parish
Mt Albert Edward – Courtesy of Fr Malota of Fatima Parish

Goilala District well before any other church group came and Catholic has a following much larger than any other denomination in Goilala.

Catholic Church has its presence in literally all four corners of Goilala. Place where the government falls short to have its presence felt, the Catholic Church has its presence there. Remote it may be. Mountainous and very rugged the place and terrain may be. Catholic Church is there. Where no one wants to till the land, build a house, school the uneducated, attend a Sunday morning service, the presence of Catholic Church is always and ever present and readily, it was, is and will be.

SO why is our government not tapping into the vast network and resources of this silent yet visible companion?

Obviously the government has its own networks in place and is “functioning well,” however when it comes to unselfish, committed and undivided selfless provision of basic service to the long forgotten people of Goilala, Catholic Church beats all heads down.

Throughout Goilala District, the presence of Catholic Church is ever evident and felt and enjoyed and used by the locals.

In the Gunimaipa area, when Government station at Guari closed down, with the airstrip over taken by bushes, school closed, government building fallen to Guari Station - Guari LLG - 2011ruins, Kamulai Catholic Parish to this day is still functioning. Although the Kamulai airstrip is closed, the recently ordained Priest Father Jerry, a local Gunimaipa man is manning the Catholic Church there. And am sure the airstrip will be opened soon.

Kerau Catholic Mission maintains its presence up in the Aiwara area in Tapini Local Level Government constituency even after the government sponsored airstrip closed down. Catholic Churches in Oni Sene, Iveiava, Sopu and Lamanaip are operating with local Catechists over seeing weekly Sunday sermons and running of general Catholic Church programs locally.

Yongai Catholic Parish maintains the presence of health services and serves the people well, Ononge Catholic Parish does the same for the Lower Veitapu constituents in Woitape Local Level Government areas. Fane Catholic Parish does the same in Auga Dilava areas.

Kosipe Catholic Church also takes care of the Kosipe community school so is the Tanipai Catholic Parish that oversees and manages the Tanipai Community School. Kosipe Community School situation is a funny one because the locals decided they would run the affairs of the school themselves and as a result the school and the airstrip are both closed. Reason: Corrupt individuals picked up funding for the school and airstrip and abused it for their own gain.

Fatima Community School in Woitape, since its establishment and when governed under Government, the school suffered badly and come so close to been

This is going to be used as a bakery house
This is going to be used as a bakery house

closed. Since 2009, Catholic Parish has taken over and this Blog [] is been one of the avenues that has published the latest developments of Fatima Parish Community School.
The major testimony to the prudent sound and smart transparent manner in which Catholic Church manages and runs its affairs is evident in the only High School in the District – Tapini Sacred Heart High School. Since the Catholic Church took over the general management and control of it, the school has gone from been “one of those” schools in Central Province to been the best in the Province.

Tapini Sacred Heart came runner up in 2012 in the overall final year 10 examination results to been the top school in 2013.

One fact that stands unmoved is, the Government of Goilala District needs the help of Catholic Church. The Catholic Church does not need the help of the Government.

This is one crucial element that the government of Goilala year in, year out has failed to realize, accept and embrace it. And has failed to its advantage and benefit.

With the corruption that has constantly drained the District of any good development, we the Goilala people are dying for that one wise leader who can identify the strengths and weaknesses present in our good District of Goilala and tap into strengths of these resources and utilize the strengths these resources to deliver the much needed basic services to the people.

Right now, the government is working in isolation. When I say Government, am referring to the Member for Goilala and his Officers, Goilala District Administration in Tapini and the 3 Local Level Government Presidents with their Ward Councilors.

Bereina Diocese and the Catholic Church are ever ready and are willing to help the Government deliver but these people are not coming out to seek us and lure us into their house. We are supposed to go knocking on their door. That is the thing our Government is lacking and is failing to do time and time again.

Again, the GOVERNMENT of GOILALA needs the CATHOLIC CHURCH to deliver the much needed services in Goilala. The CATHOLIC CHURCH does no need the GOVERNMENT to deliver much needed services in Goilala.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – Fatima, Woitape – PART 3 – GALLERY

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – Fatima, Woitape – PART 2.

LogoCongregation of the Mission
|International Mission in Papua New Guinea
under the authority of the General Curia in Rome


School Learning Improvement Plan 2011 – 2016

 Vincentian Input and Principles

In March 2009, the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentian Fathers) in a long term contract with the Catholic Diocese of Bereina took the responsibility for Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Parish in Woitape. The contract states that the Congregation has the full canonical autonomy in the administration of the Parish and all assets of the Parish, specifically of St. Joseph Catholic School. The Congregation committed itself to the redevelopment of the infrastructure of the Parish. Since the School is the property and integral part of the Parish, that commitment includes also the School, and particularly its 5-years School Learning Improvement Plan.

Principles:New Classroom - Fatima
The redevelopment of the School will proceed according to the Plan. Significant resources of the Congregation, as well as channels of charity funding owned by the Congregation will be engaged in the execution of the Plan. According to the Cannon Law and proper laws regulating the partnership between the Government and the Catholic Church, based on the principles of autonomy and subsidiarity, the Congregation will act upon its own fundamental and universal policy, as follows:

  1. Absolute priority will be given to small children (up to 12 years old), then to older children (up to 16 years old). In shortage of human and financial resources, those available will be channeled into infrastructure and programs assisting small children in their basic needs and integral human development. This principle can be compromised in special circumstances, but not for more than one year.

    Locals helping to bring the sawn timber from the sawmill site to the school
    Locals helping to bring the sawn timber from the sawmill site to the school
  2. Principle of continuity will be absolutely executed. Children who started their education in the new infrastructure and program (implemented in time of the Congregation’ administration) will proceed not disrupted to the end of the program in the infrastructure prepared specifically for that program.
  3. “Wise and balanced” management of the financial resources, especially of the Congregation will be employed. Any redevelopment will proceed at “the pace of local communities”, matching their contribution and their capacity to absorb funds in a way that has a lasting impact in the future. There will be no indiscriminate pouring down of funds to feed “dependence mentality”.
  4. Special attention will be given to the professional ethics of those taking part in the redevelopment of the Parish and of the School, like teachers, pastoral workers, and others. Any necessary measures will be implemented to secure full transparency of any institution under the administration of the Congregation. The Congregation, according to its charisma, will strive for the highest possible quality of services provided to the poor.

    Grade 5 Students - In Class
    Grade 5 Students – In Class
  5. The same standards will be applied to all Parishes and all the Schools under the Congregation’ administration in all Papua New Guinea, including Port Moresby – NCDC, Milne Bay Province, and Central Province.

    This is going to be used as a bakery house
    This is going to be used as a bakery house
  6. The laws of PNG and the Cannon Law of the Catholic Church will be faithfully observed. In case of these laws being not clearly converging, the priority will be given to the Cannon Law, by its very nature being the higher law in any justice and moral system.

    Approved by CM International Mission PNG Superior in January 2011
    Supported by Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission
    Approved by CES of Bereina in February 2011
    Supported by Bishop of Bereina

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – Fatima, Woitape – PART 1.

Situation (based on 2009 – 2010):
Leading up to 2009, Fatima Primary school was just another Papua New Guinea government owned school out in the remote Goilala District making do with what it had at its disposal.

School fee subsidies were never coming in on time, if they did find their way into the school account. The teachers postings where never seriously taken, and those that got posted to Fatima never stay for more than a month. Classes were disrupted and students sent back home. And the interest to teach was never evident in the teachers. The student moral and interest was never visible.

One of the old classrooms in Fatima which is actually slowly collapsing.
One of the old classrooms in Fatima which is actually slowly collapsing.

Classrooms where those built back in the post Independence days. And the teachers house which were built using bush materials were tearing and falling apart at will. And no one cared to have those houses either destroyed and new houses built using bush materials again or build new houses using modern building materials.

That was the ugly head of the usual dragon – CORRUPTION – on show.

The number of grades were adhoc and did not follow the sequence from 1 through to 6 which is what is expected in any primary school. You would either have grade 1 and miss grades 2 – 3 and have a  grade 5 and a grade 6 missing grade 4.
It was really a situation of WHO CARES and NO BODY CARES.

In summary, the existing infrastructure in its totality was not fit and suitable for use in long-term perspective.

  1. None of the existing classrooms was conducive to be used in years to come. Their expected life-span is of 2-3 more years.
  2. None of the existing teachers’ houses were fit enough to be called homes, and was never suitable to be used in years to come. Their expected life-span is of 1-2 more years. It was recommended they MUST be renovated.

In March 2009, the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentian Fathers) in a long term contract with the Catholic Diocese of Bereina took the responsibility for Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Parish in Woitape. The contract states that the Congregation has the full canonical autonomy in the administration of the Parish and all assets of the Parish, specifically of St. Joseph Catholic School. The Congregation committed itself to the redevelopment of the infrastructure of the Parish. Since the School is the property and integral part of the Parish, that commitment includes also the School, and particularly its 5-years School Learning Improvement Plan.

Plan (projected for 2011 – 2016):

  1. Full set of classrooms will be built and equipped, starting from the bottom of Grade ladder, that is from “Prep” or if this not operating – from Grade 1. Between 2011 and 2012, a triple classroom for Grades Prep – 2 (or 1 – 3) will be built. Between 2013 and 2014, an existing double classroom will be renovated and equipped for Grades 4 and 5 (or 3 and 4). Between 2015 and 2016, two new double classrooms will be built and equipped for remaining Grades. However, this last stage is optional, pending the Government formal decision to upgrade the School to a Primary level, and providing a proper number of teachers.
  2. One new all-in-one teachers’ residence will be built between 2014 and 2016, which will accommodate all teachers, as well as the Parish Priest (Chairman) or/and a community of Religious Women. Meanwhile, one temporary house will be built, if needed, in 2013.
  3. Between 2015 and 2016, the final reshaping and landscaping of the part of Fatima Station used by the School will take place. Clear boundaries, gates of access, and proper fencing will be set up in this regard.
  4. 2016 will be the year of evaluation of the development of the infrastructure and its impact on academic performance of the students. Data regarding their progress will be collected between 2011 and 2015.

Approved by CM International Mission PNG Superior in January 2011
Supported by Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission
Approved by CES of Bereina in February 2011
Supported by Bishop of Bereina


"Lets involve the experts and professionals in advising the government" - Tobias Kulang
“Lets involve the experts and professionals in advising the government” – Tobias Kulang

PNG Government needs a strong team of industry tried people to advise the government on policies, legislation and financial matters concerning LNG matters.
The screw up with IPIC is because politicians got involved in the negotiation with the Arabs with half baked political cronies as consultants. The politicians didn’t even have a first degree to understand the interacts of the transactions they were handling.

LNG is a new and emerging industry and the the world at large has not come up with the laws and standards to govern this industry appropriately like other commodities like gold and crude oil etc. that is why we need a team of highly technical people who know how to handle such level of transaction to manage all the process involved.

I understand there were huge sums of money paid to a Manhattan/NYC based consulting groups to facilitate for the PNG on the IPIC loan but the question is, did we have the aptitude to understand their level of advise and did we follow them? The manner in which the NA government managed the negotiation in total secrecy and the speed in which they push the deal without proper scrutiny was a record and a total insult to the intelligence of silent educated populace of this country. Now see what they have done to us. SHAME!

Who in his or her mind in such negotiation settle to accept all down side risks and not to entitled himself/herself the right to redeem the bonds once they fall due? This is total stupidity and i will consider this deal as the major joke of the century, a major stuff up. So much for the arrogance and ignorance of the these who championed it. They were going to fast to nowhere as it appears now. They should hang their head in shame for where they have placed the nation in and the opportunity costs to our simple people.

We should learn from these mistakes and should employ/engage people with appropriate knowledge and experience to manage and advise the government on these important deals including the SWF. As a CPA and now a political looking in from the outside, we still do not have the dept within the relevant state agencies to manage the process to start up of another LNG project. We must lower our egos and ensure we breach these gaps in order to maximize our gain on the next LNG project, leveraging from the lessons we learn from the first project. Otherwise the vultures in the financial capital markets and multi nationals will screw us up over and over again.



Published on Mar 4, 2014
The National Capital District Commission and the Central Provincial Government have come up with a number of initiatives to relax the ban on buai for Central Province.