Students in Class - A class in the famous Tolukuma Gold mine Primary School
Students in Class – A class in the famous Tolukuma Gold mine Primary School

Not everything is as rosy as it seems in as far as the operations of TGM is concern. Staff moral is so low, management has gone so invisible, HR department is non existent, daily Mine operations have take a life-support approach where by they get enough ingredients to keep them going for the day.

LO issues and the LO management have also gone MIA [Missing In Action] The Chairman George Gusi has become a direct puppet of the invisible forces and he has hardly said a word since becoming the chairman.

The MP Daniel K Mona, apart from the Mondo Township flamboyant stunt he came out flashing on EMTV seen giving brown envelops of hard cold cash to the unsuspecting locals, has not muttered a word for or against the Mine’s operations.

The highly fancied D K Mona Highway, which has been proposed to connect TGM to Port Moresby is now a election gimmick used by government of the day and MP to paint a flowery picture on the minds of the poor Goilala populace.

This mine has been in operations for 19 odd years now [1995-2014] and my question is, what has TGM done in return for the Gold they harvest from our ground?

Is there any tangible, visible and durable developments that we the people can touch, feel, see and use for our benefit?

The TGM primary school if its something to go by has its students sitting down in bare grounded classroom, with no proper desks and very poor walling classrooms. If there is electricity getting into these classrooms to enable fans and light to be provided for the students during class is anyone’s guess.

Local work force welfare is never an issue of critical importance to the TGM and Petromin Management.

Local work force sleep in self built/provided fan bag tents, fend for themselves in terms of water supply, sanitation is literally an hazard, and electricity into this self built fan bag tents is not necessary.

Accommodation for the local workforce is never on the agenda of the Management past and present.

Since Petromin took over ownership of TGM, there has been a major scale down on all fronts in as far as the general operations of the mine.

And if that’s not enough, keeping the employees updated, informed, briefed to promote and safe working environment has taken a nose dive.

Safety standards don’t seem to exist and safety briefing and daily safety meetings are taken lightly and/or for granted.

Its a ticking time bomb but kept in check, all thanks to our political leaders and the LO Chairman and his office.

Source: TGM mine site [D Crew]


  1. As usual where ever the government has its hands in things start to die. I urge all Goi brothers and sisters to do something to get your share of this mine before it shuts down for good.

  2. I strongly support Febi’s views. I believe that the gold there is of very high grade and thus Petromin will never really sell TGM to a well establish company with an attractive track record. It will still want to maintain partnership or Joint Venture.


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