St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – Fatima, Woitape – PART 2.

LogoCongregation of the Mission
|International Mission in Papua New Guinea
under the authority of the General Curia in Rome


School Learning Improvement Plan 2011 – 2016

 Vincentian Input and Principles

In March 2009, the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentian Fathers) in a long term contract with the Catholic Diocese of Bereina took the responsibility for Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Parish in Woitape. The contract states that the Congregation has the full canonical autonomy in the administration of the Parish and all assets of the Parish, specifically of St. Joseph Catholic School. The Congregation committed itself to the redevelopment of the infrastructure of the Parish. Since the School is the property and integral part of the Parish, that commitment includes also the School, and particularly its 5-years School Learning Improvement Plan.

Principles:New Classroom - Fatima
The redevelopment of the School will proceed according to the Plan. Significant resources of the Congregation, as well as channels of charity funding owned by the Congregation will be engaged in the execution of the Plan. According to the Cannon Law and proper laws regulating the partnership between the Government and the Catholic Church, based on the principles of autonomy and subsidiarity, the Congregation will act upon its own fundamental and universal policy, as follows:

  1. Absolute priority will be given to small children (up to 12 years old), then to older children (up to 16 years old). In shortage of human and financial resources, those available will be channeled into infrastructure and programs assisting small children in their basic needs and integral human development. This principle can be compromised in special circumstances, but not for more than one year.

    Locals helping to bring the sawn timber from the sawmill site to the school
    Locals helping to bring the sawn timber from the sawmill site to the school
  2. Principle of continuity will be absolutely executed. Children who started their education in the new infrastructure and program (implemented in time of the Congregation’ administration) will proceed not disrupted to the end of the program in the infrastructure prepared specifically for that program.
  3. “Wise and balanced” management of the financial resources, especially of the Congregation will be employed. Any redevelopment will proceed at “the pace of local communities”, matching their contribution and their capacity to absorb funds in a way that has a lasting impact in the future. There will be no indiscriminate pouring down of funds to feed “dependence mentality”.
  4. Special attention will be given to the professional ethics of those taking part in the redevelopment of the Parish and of the School, like teachers, pastoral workers, and others. Any necessary measures will be implemented to secure full transparency of any institution under the administration of the Congregation. The Congregation, according to its charisma, will strive for the highest possible quality of services provided to the poor.

    Grade 5 Students - In Class
    Grade 5 Students – In Class
  5. The same standards will be applied to all Parishes and all the Schools under the Congregation’ administration in all Papua New Guinea, including Port Moresby – NCDC, Milne Bay Province, and Central Province.

    This is going to be used as a bakery house
    This is going to be used as a bakery house
  6. The laws of PNG and the Cannon Law of the Catholic Church will be faithfully observed. In case of these laws being not clearly converging, the priority will be given to the Cannon Law, by its very nature being the higher law in any justice and moral system.

    Approved by CM International Mission PNG Superior in January 2011
    Supported by Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission
    Approved by CES of Bereina in February 2011
    Supported by Bishop of Bereina


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