How can this two entities work together for the benefit of the people who call Goilala their home? Is it possible these two can work together?

Catholic Church has stood the test of time over time. Catholic Church has lived through thick and thin throughout time in Goilala District. Catholic came into

Mt Albert Edward - Courtesy of Fr Malota of Fatima Parish
Mt Albert Edward – Courtesy of Fr Malota of Fatima Parish

Goilala District well before any other church group came and Catholic has a following much larger than any other denomination in Goilala.

Catholic Church has its presence in literally all four corners of Goilala. Place where the government falls short to have its presence felt, the Catholic Church has its presence there. Remote it may be. Mountainous and very rugged the place and terrain may be. Catholic Church is there. Where no one wants to till the land, build a house, school the uneducated, attend a Sunday morning service, the presence of Catholic Church is always and ever present and readily, it was, is and will be.

SO why is our government not tapping into the vast network and resources of this silent yet visible companion?

Obviously the government has its own networks in place and is “functioning well,” however when it comes to unselfish, committed and undivided selfless provision of basic service to the long forgotten people of Goilala, Catholic Church beats all heads down.

Throughout Goilala District, the presence of Catholic Church is ever evident and felt and enjoyed and used by the locals.

In the Gunimaipa area, when Government station at Guari closed down, with the airstrip over taken by bushes, school closed, government building fallen to Guari Station - Guari LLG - 2011ruins, Kamulai Catholic Parish to this day is still functioning. Although the Kamulai airstrip is closed, the recently ordained Priest Father Jerry, a local Gunimaipa man is manning the Catholic Church there. And am sure the airstrip will be opened soon.

Kerau Catholic Mission maintains its presence up in the Aiwara area in Tapini Local Level Government constituency even after the government sponsored airstrip closed down. Catholic Churches in Oni Sene, Iveiava, Sopu and Lamanaip are operating with local Catechists over seeing weekly Sunday sermons and running of general Catholic Church programs locally.

Yongai Catholic Parish maintains the presence of health services and serves the people well, Ononge Catholic Parish does the same for the Lower Veitapu constituents in Woitape Local Level Government areas. Fane Catholic Parish does the same in Auga Dilava areas.

Kosipe Catholic Church also takes care of the Kosipe community school so is the Tanipai Catholic Parish that oversees and manages the Tanipai Community School. Kosipe Community School situation is a funny one because the locals decided they would run the affairs of the school themselves and as a result the school and the airstrip are both closed. Reason: Corrupt individuals picked up funding for the school and airstrip and abused it for their own gain.

Fatima Community School in Woitape, since its establishment and when governed under Government, the school suffered badly and come so close to been

This is going to be used as a bakery house
This is going to be used as a bakery house

closed. Since 2009, Catholic Parish has taken over and this Blog [] is been one of the avenues that has published the latest developments of Fatima Parish Community School.
The major testimony to the prudent sound and smart transparent manner in which Catholic Church manages and runs its affairs is evident in the only High School in the District – Tapini Sacred Heart High School. Since the Catholic Church took over the general management and control of it, the school has gone from been “one of those” schools in Central Province to been the best in the Province.

Tapini Sacred Heart came runner up in 2012 in the overall final year 10 examination results to been the top school in 2013.

One fact that stands unmoved is, the Government of Goilala District needs the help of Catholic Church. The Catholic Church does not need the help of the Government.

This is one crucial element that the government of Goilala year in, year out has failed to realize, accept and embrace it. And has failed to its advantage and benefit.

With the corruption that has constantly drained the District of any good development, we the Goilala people are dying for that one wise leader who can identify the strengths and weaknesses present in our good District of Goilala and tap into strengths of these resources and utilize the strengths these resources to deliver the much needed basic services to the people.

Right now, the government is working in isolation. When I say Government, am referring to the Member for Goilala and his Officers, Goilala District Administration in Tapini and the 3 Local Level Government Presidents with their Ward Councilors.

Bereina Diocese and the Catholic Church are ever ready and are willing to help the Government deliver but these people are not coming out to seek us and lure us into their house. We are supposed to go knocking on their door. That is the thing our Government is lacking and is failing to do time and time again.

Again, the GOVERNMENT of GOILALA needs the CATHOLIC CHURCH to deliver the much needed services in Goilala. The CATHOLIC CHURCH does no need the GOVERNMENT to deliver much needed services in Goilala.


  1. Can I add an update and a variance of view here?
    Update: Since the tragic murder of Fr Jerry earlier this year there are no services in Gunimaipa. There was some assessment of need happening at the same time as the murder investigation, but I do not know the result.
    Different view: The Catholic Church and the Government each need each other. The funding for what the Catholic Church does has to be sourced from somewhere – usually Government. What the Catholic Church delivers in Goilala better than any Government agency is governance and all that this entails. A respectful partnership would achieve more, and achieve it easier than the separation that exists.
    Together we all achieve more.


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