Is Tourism a viable business venture in Goilala. Does Goilala have what it takes to offer to strangers from outsider known as Tourist? Is it safe for foreigner in Goilala? Is the terrain friendly? Are the people friendly and kind and welcoming? How about the flora and fauna? Is the flora and fauna undisturbed and very natural? Is Goilalas cultures and customs very much active and still practiced in this day and age? Getting to Goilala, is it expensive? What’s the mode of transport that is mostly used in Goilala?

Mt Albert Edward - Courtesy of Fr Malota of Fatima Parish
Mt Albert Edward – Courtesy of Fr Malota of Fatima Parish

Tourism in Goilala has always been an untapped area mostly due to the rugged and monotonously unfriendly, uninviting terrain of the District. But there is also another factor that has played a role in ensure Tourism stayed dormant for some time now. And that is to do with the bad media publicity that Goilala District is portrayed to the outside world.

Most people, foreign and local are lead to believe that Goilala people are fearsome, barbaric and very uncivilized, who kill, murder, rape and eat anything that looks juicy and edible.

In other words, if you are a white skinned human and you heading for Goilala District, you might as well say good bye to you loved ones. Because that is the end of your time on earth.

Woitape Station
Woitape Station

Brushing all that negative folklore aside and into the rubbish bin where they rightfully belong, Goilala is literally a stone’s throw away from Port Moresby. It is a mere 35mins on average by air to any of the grassy airstrips at the top of some of the scariest of spots for a airstrips to be built on.

Most of the vegetation is tropical rains forests, with a patch of grassland visible, here and there revealing the presence of humans and their impact, crystal clear and cold rivers flowing rapidly down from the mountain ranges and towards the Central Coastlines, some of the finest nutritiously rich fresh produce vegetables one can find in the island of Papua New Guinea.

Inhabited by some of the friendly people on earth, Goilala District has people who are open and welcoming. And they will jump onto the opportunity to house you and feed you if you give them the opportunity to. They smile and wave and strike up a conversation on just about any topic that comes to mind at that given point in time.

Students - Attire 6

Housing three high mountain peaks in Mt Yule in the Guari Local Level Government constituency, Mt Albert Edward and Mt Victoria in Woitape Local Level Constituency, which obviously is misty and cold up there covered by cold thick fogs all throughout the day, one could expect the freezing cold winds and weather that will deprive you of your comforts up there. With village a fair distance away, finding something to eat up in this misty cold mountain tops will bring your best survival techniques out of you.

This far-fetched distant landscape also has its flora and fauna with the wild life untouched. Birds are tame, tree possums and thick tropical rain forest tree kangaroos, wild fat echidnas in the soil, and wild cassowaries and cuscus in trees and caves and under tree roots, it really is a unknown mystery awaiting curious visitors.

For one to get from Port Moresby into Goilala, a good number of options await your choice. The most cheapest is the PMV [road transport] option which starts off on road from Port Moresby, [Erima Market, opposite the Port Moresby Funeral home, is the pickup point for PMVs headed up the Goilala Highway. This will bring you up the famous Hiritano Highway. This road trip will bring one through lush tropical rainforest, fast flowing muddy rivers from the mountains of Goilala. The road trip won’t be that smooth a ride but it will bring you face to face with the harsh reality that is present and is faced by commuters who travel up and down this road.

Once you reach Tapini via PMV, you can choose to walk to the rest of the journey to your choice of out laying villages. And plan your trip back out to Port Moresby via plane from any of the airstrips.


The other most common mode of transport is air transport and that is from the Jackson’s airport. Because the major airlines – Air Niugini, Travel and Airlines PNG don’t service Goilala airstrips, due to its close proximity to Port Moresby which obviously cannot take in Dash 7 and 8 aircrafts from Air Niugini and Travel Air, however APNG’s Twin Otters aircrafts used to service Goilala airstrips until recently APNG pulls out its fleet to concentrate on their LNG obligations.

Only way into Goilala is via single engine light aircraft.
Only way into Goilala is via single engine light aircraft.

This has left the small third level airlines to be the main air transport service providers to and from Goilala.

Currently there are just two service providers doing air services to Goilala. They are.. Air Sanga Aviation and Sunbird Aviation. These two airline operators are housed at the old Air Niugini Terminal, next to the old Control Tower, directly coming off the main bus stop, next to Gateway Hotel.

Jumping on a plane here can bring you into Woitape, Fane, Ononge, Yongai, Kerau, or even Tapini. We have Guari and Kamulai but since this publication went online, Guari and Kamulai are been declared closed.

Home Economics Class in Tapini Sacred Heart High School
Home Economics Class in Tapini Sacred Heart High School

All in all, while a lot of negative, over fabricated and hyped up jargon has been told to the world mostly by ill-informed media outlets, about Goilala, be informed directly from Goilala that Goilala is truly a unexplored corner of this lovely over-exploited, rapped and ransacked planet earth.

You will never regret your trip to this part of the world. The part we call Home.


Central Province is a province in Papua New Guinea located on the southern coast of the country. It has a population of 237,016 (2010 census) people and is 29,998 square kilometres (11,582 sq mi) in size. The seat of government of Central Province, which is located within the National Capital District outside the province, is the Port Moresby suburb of Konedobu. On 9 October 2007, the Central Province government announced plans to build a new provincial capital city at Bautama, which lies within Central Province near Port Moresby,although there has been little, [to no] progress in constructing it.
[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]


Land too Big a Waster
Land too Big a Waster Source: Google

It is no big secret that the number of people living and working in Port Moresby has exploded into the hundreds of thousands’ since independence. Which in actual fact means the number of mouths to feed has also increased?

In a business context, when there is a huge demand for something, however having a very little supply of that something, this very situation will force the price of that scarce something to go sky high.

The demand for fresh produce vegetables in Port Moresby is an enactment of this fact. This situation is so visible in Port Moresby. There are just way too many people with the money to buy, but there is way too little supply of freshly produced vegetables.

Hotels, Restaurants super markets, shopping malls, fast food outlets, tertiary institutions messes, hospitals like Port Moresby General Hospital, Police barracks, army barracks, and then the household kitchen demands. These outlets are starved of freshly produced vegetables on a daily basis.

About 90% of the fresh produce vegetables that are consumed in Port Moresby makes their way in from outside of Central Province. And that is predominantly the Highlands region produced and transported.

There is nothing wrong with this arrangement except the time it takes to travel from up in the cold and cool highlands region into Port Moresby via Lae is exceptionally too long. While on the move, vegetables lose their taste and freshness a fair bit.

If this is the case, then why can’t Central Province supply and meet this huge demand for fresh vegetables?

Central Province has vast masses of land just laying down idle with no one utilizing them for any form of money generating activities. The lowlands are stuck and filled with endless land stretching out as far as the eye can go. Drive up the Hiritano highway, pass Laloki and one can see flat land use been unused and extends up into the mountain ranges. This flat mass of land goes all the way into the Gulf province.

Driving down Magi Highway also reveals this same situation where there is vast land masses, hectare and hectares of land doing literally nothing.

If the coastal lowlands aren’t the only places showing no signs of mass farming, the inlands and the higher regions of this Central Province have no one engaging into serious farming.


Why is so much land just been left undeveloped? Is it because there is no money? Is it because there is no one owning this land? Or it is because the soil is unfavorable and very unfriendly for mass farming? Or it is because of land owner issues? Is the Provincial Government not aware of such unused land been available? Is it because the people of Central Province are too lazy to farm their own land? Is it because there are no proper infrastructures like transportation to enable the people to transport their produce to Port Moresby? Or is it because there is no demand for locally grown fresh produce from Central Province?

Whatever the reason, a couple of things that are proven facts about this situation are Money is never the problem. And demand is unmatched and never ending.

Central Provincial Government since 1975 has turned a blind eye to this very lucrative business opportunity. And in doing so has deprived its people the opportunity to earn a lot of money just based on farming. Central Province, with a very visionary leadership in its political circles would have tapped into this opportunity and brought its Province to unprecedented position just through farming.

Needless to say, with Leadership lacking foresight, and vision, Central Province Farmers have struggled to bring their produce to Port Moresby.

There are no proper road networks connecting all of Central Province up. There are no proper markets for Central Province farmers to come in and sell their produce. There is no proper funding avenue available for people to take out start-up capital to kick start their farming business. There is no proper expertize advise on farming available for the small people to tap into and use.


Until people in high officers and people appointed and elected into leadership positions identifies the issues we have, the opportunity on hand, and formulate strategies and policies to address this short sightedness, the people of Central Province, and the Central Province itself will continue to miss out on this bonanza which is at their door steps.

Since 1975, we have come 39 years been onlookers. With the way it is going, we are bound to be onlookers for another 39 years.


Petromin owned TGM is been rumored to be going up for sale, yet again.

Why is Petromin selling TGM?
No one has come out to explain what is wrong with TGM and why it should go for sale but yes it is going up for sale already.

While Petromin seem to tight lipped on the performance of TGM, Thanks to Social media, whatever is wrong with TGM is a well known story.

Starting from its productions, to safety to environment to the health and welfare of its employees are issues that needs critical attention.

Land Owner issues and royalty payments are sad stories that dont get to be discussed openly.

The LOs are been bullied, forced and threatened if need be or their executives are been bought off it seem hence all they do is say.. YES BOSS to whatever is said and done. And accepted whatever is given to them.

But the story does not end there.

The people who are lining up to buy TGM is not some well-to-do gold mining company with a track record of high standards and results proven company from far far away.

Rather it is a company cooked up from within the inner circles of Petromin who seem to know what is coming and what needs to be done.

And guess how they will go about selling TGM and then ending up buying it?

They will put up a colorful but false Tender. But they already know who they will sell it to. Once “successful” bidder is identified, [which they have known at the very beginning] Petromin Holdings Limited will never fight to retain and operate TGM.
They will with a good heart sell it to this new operator.

But that is just a smoke screen. Whoever comes on board is going to be the same old Petromin. Just getting remixed. With a different face and a different name.

What will such deal mean for TGM LandOwners and the surrounding villages and Goilala District at large?

If history is to be used as our evidence, since 2011, when Petromin Holdings limited took over ownership of TGM, nothing tangible has been done for us the Goilala people.

So if its Petromin just twisting and turning and renaming itself to come in as a new owner, do we need a rocket sciencist to tell us what is in store for us?

Hell no. We were screwed before [past]. We are screwed now[present]. We will be screwed tomorrow [future].

The very reason why we are been screwed is because we are been so ignorant and very naive of the fact that although we have the right to fight for what is ours, and ask for a better deal, we choose to accept what shit is been given to us. We think what we are given/offered is the best there is. But in actual fact and realistically, we can do far more better than what we are doing now.

TGM and all the other unmined ELs throughout Goilala are treasures Petromin will not let go off easily.  The potential is huge. And whoever mines this ELs, will laugh all the way to the bank. And they will do at the cost of the Goilala District and her people.

Do they Care? They don’t give a rats ass if we gain or loose.

Our leaders, both political, and local level council and even the LOs leadership with the local customary chiefs and the so called educated elites seem to think TGM issue is a far fetched isolated Tolukuma and Yulai confined issue.  As such not one single noise is heard from anyone.


An Easter Message of Challenge to GFI Executives. Mr Francis Javia

Dear Goilala Foundation Executives,

It’s been compelling to note that since the duration of the foundations initiation a couple of years back, the leadership has been loosely fragmented in its resolve to achieve its intended goals. Bearing in mind the volume of publicity done prior and during the launching of the foundations intentions at UPNG as was witnessed by multitudes . The name tag that this foundation bears and the drivers behind it gave rise to hope for many knowing the cream of elite goilala’s were driving this for change.

One fact is for certain in that the foundations goals will never be realized if its executives are loosely fragmented to been merely keyboard tigers. The irony is that if the decision makers or the driving force of any organization is disintegrated all over the country, coordination becomes an issue, implementation becomes an issue. If the foundations goal was purely to use social media as a tool to disseminate change in Goilala than I’d render this post as illegitimate and of little relevance.

I am of the opinion that we have nothing to show cause for and we have to be frank about this. Media as we know is an powerful agent of change and whilst we have that it must be complemented with proactive leadership based in a central location that’s hell bent on getting results. Maybe the interim leadership has outlived its time and new person should be at the helm of things but not those with intentions politically. This are basically challenges I perceive to be confronting us.


Source: Mr Francis Javia’s Facebook Wall.





Since the first exploration was conducted almost 35 years ago in the Goilala region, the Tolukuma Gold Mine (TGM) has had five separate owners.  Newmont Australia Ltd (1983 to 1993), Dome Resources (1993 to 1999), Durban Roodepoort Deep (1999 to 2006), Emperor Mines (2006-2008), and finally the current owners being Petromin Holdings, who is said to have purchased TGM for 1 kina from Emperor in 2008 on the rumored condition that all environmental legal liabilities were not pursued.  Remember, Petromin was created as a private entity, owned 100% by the state, by the previous Somare-led Government.

Since the Petromin take over, TGM has like any mine in a remote location, had its fair shares of ups and downs. But media issues seem to only touch on some real hard facts that several ex-workers often talk about, including cyanide spills, tailings pollution, worker strike, broken promises, paying below legal minimum wage, illegal miners, and fatal shootings.  Even administration issues such as EL’s not being renewed have occurred – and the mine even stopping production because it ran out of explosives!

Against this backdrop, production has been on a steady decline with Petromin, to the point where consistent, basic mining–break-even-production targets are a dream at the moment.  With no noteworthy significant infrastructure upgrades or improvements under Petromins watch, is there any wonder why?  The majority of equipment is from the pre-petromin days.  Yes there are some new underground mobile fleets. Yes there are some improvements like new fences, some concrete around the hydro, and new land cruisers, and some new modules at the mill.  But for a mine that has the potential to product 80,000oz+ of Au per year, these tokenistic expenditures from the current owner are at best too little too late, and at worst pure window dressing to disprove rumors that they don’t spend anything on their own asset and are incompetent. With the exception of the most senior management, even the helmets and heavy antique miners lamp are from pre-petromin days!

The low hanging fruit of this high grade mine has already been extracted by the previous owners. And with no actual forward plan, TGM under Petromin ownership is bound to continue failing and occur ever increasing debts.  This leaves the question:


To be clear, the current O’Niell Government inherited these issues.  And the current government have been working non-stop ratifying new agreements and making PNG a better place for all. The TGM issue is no doubt on their list of things to do, but there are competing priorities.  Cabinet reshuffles; Manus Island, National Budget, Elections, LNG Project, APEC, etc. are all significant matters.

In fact, the O’Niell cabinet has on occasion made comments in relation to the disbandment of Petromin and the creation of Kumul Holdings.  This is a PM who does what he says, who has courage to stamp out corruption and push PNG as a significant and respectable power in the pacific rim.

But as the PM is the single 100% shareholder, I imagine that he must be saddened about the loss of jobs right now occurring in the region of Goilala.  So many familys are effected because of the low or no production.  So many children of the next generation hoping to work at ‘their mine’ are forced to look elsewhere for jobs and skills.  In POM, so many suppliers are also effected by the minimal demand for resupplies to TGM. There is a domino effect and it is all negative.

Petromin arrogantly claim they are fulfilling their obligation by dealing with George Gusi, the former chairmen who was voted out some time ago… knowing full well they can control him as their puppet…. While the majority of the surrounding community voted him out.

While we Papua New Guineas are proud and patient people, and we sit and wait in a holding pattern for the government to do the right thing and remove Petromin from TGM, the complete disregard by Petromin for the newly elected land owner chairman, being Epi Koga, is what has hurt us the most.

Ironically it was George Gusi who made his people proud by banning Petromin from entering TGM by instilling the customary ceremony taboo of the pig slaughter, beetlenut breaking, and tanget plant in June 2012….. but he succumbed to the influence of Petromin and let them back on site to his peoples detriment a few weeks later.  Hence why Epi has so much support – he has the courage to fulfil what George started and then did a backflip on (maybe his new office at Petromin house helped change his stance?). Whatever it was he people got no benefit, and Epi was rightfully elected.


In Papua New Guinea, we have this mentality that, since the Government owns, well since the people owns really, since I own “a business”, I really do not care if I make profit or not. Its more of a “food garden”, where I can go into it get what I want, as and when I want to.  While all alone not bothered about what tomorrow has in store for me.  It is almost like people want to say they own a gold mine for the sake of owning it – even though it is a business model with no hope for profit!

When something like a mine is government backed, there are short term benefits.  But long term, it does not matter about profit, the government is there to give you a hand out. To pay the wages. To keep it moving, even if you run with an increased DEBT and more debt and broken equipment and no qualified staff, the show keeps going no matter how bad.

The mine needs to be run as a business.  And a business needs to make profit.  This is the mental attitude that it non-existent at TGM. 

A privately owned and operated Gold Mine would NEVER EVER let this happen for so long or to such a scale. It is just not possible as the money would soon run out and you would be bankrupt. Only government operations can continue to run in so much debt for several years without anyone blinking (this rule applies around the world).

Private operations focus on business models and profit. Your neck is on the line in a private operation. Mummy and daddy aint coming to help your sorry ass out of your misery, hence your mind set is different. Vision is different.  It is all success and goal orientated.  Every second is about profit vs. loss. This mentality thought isn’t present in as far as operations at TGM are concern.

The government would benefit from cash flow from the initial sale, plus all the other flown on effects, like a full tax-paying work force and an operation not bleeding the government for money every month.  A private company would employ more staff to finally develop the surrounding EL’s, and also build a road to serve its operations for the next decade.

The cancer is Petromin – who is full of self serving people.  The removal or resignation of the former Petromin CEO had little bearing on the course they continued to sail – as the senior members under the former Petromin CEO are still there, but with new tittle on their business cards.

Remember, this is the same company that continued to operate for several years where 50% of all total mine costs went to a single, unchallenged aviation sub-contractor, who flew several blue and yellow B214’s helicopters instead of the much more efficient and cheaper Mil-8.

The same company who ignored worker pleas to remove the former ex-pat mine manager, and instead continued to employ him on the books as the TGM GM, although he was sleeping in Lamana for several months.

The list goes on and on.  Ask of the workers with 10-15 years+ experience – the real workers who slaved away with blood sweat and tears.  All those months away from their families – the long 12 hour days underground – the ones who have been at Tolukuma through all the various management and ownership changes. You know the ones I am talking about – the ones without a title or business card – not the Petromin proxy workers installed for intelligence and propaganda / control purposes.

I look forward to the day when I will be able to write a positive news story about TGM – but how can this day occur when such behavior and politics continue?  The news is always bad when people believe they are above the law, and the few positive articles over the last few years now seem to be very well fabricated pieces of propaganda.

You cannot have it both ways – when Petromin want to ‘play the government’ card, they act like they are the law. When they want to play the ‘private company card’ they reap the benefits of the corporate world also.

Epi Koga is already recognized by his people – he now needs to recognized by the government and be at the table for any matters relating to the future of Tolukuma.  Not told about critical decisions later, not Epi reading about an outcome in the newspaper…. But a key part of negotiations about the future of his people.  The future cannot involve Petromin. They have no credibility, dignity, or respect of the Goilia community or workforce, and they have themselves to blame – not the mine, not the workers they laid off, not the remoteness of Tolukuma – but there greed, their ego, and their arrogance, and there incompetence



Since 2011, when Petromin took over TGM, am tipped off Yulai Land Owners have been getting some lousy sums in their Royalty payments.

There are three clans that makes up the Yulai Landowners Association. And according to whats been said, each month Petromin pays a mere K3000.00 to each clan.

That’s a total of K9,000.00 for Royalty payments.

Am not sure how many people are in each clan. I tried to verify that information with George Gusi [who I have his number] but he kept turning me down. Not sure why.

Imagine if each 3 clans has a family head of say 500. With each of this families having their children whom also have their own children, how could you end up sharing K3,000.00 amongst this lot of people?

With the monies aside, how much Gold does Petromin make each day from TGM?
Does the give-&-take ration match up? Why is the LO Chairman [George Gusi] so silent on this?
And why is MP Mona very much non-existent on this as well?

Oh and just so you know, we have two LO Chairmen – George Gusi and Epi Koga.

Word has it that Epi Koga was elected into Office with a landslide votes but George Gusi isn’t giving up that Chairman seat to him on a golden platter.

Why is George Gusi so desperate and holding onto power? And why are the people so silent? Why is Petromin not recognizing Epi Koga and keeps dealing with George Gusi?

Amongst a host of reasons I have raised this issue here, I have only one major point that seem far more important that all Goilalas needs to take note off.

And that is the Exploration Licenses that Petromin [legally] has in GOILALA DISTRICT totals up to 6.

Legally Petromin Holdings Limited owns and has the right to operate these 6 ELs throughout Goilala come the right time. [Funding I assume].

With the mediocre management with disregards to safety, environment and welfare of its local workforce, God helps us the whole of Goilala District if Petromin Holding turn out to be the Company engaged to operate these 6 ELs in Goilala.

Gold Mine prospects range as far and wide as Ipi River, Mt Yule, Kerau, Minau, Sindo, Olom, Ononge, Aigora, Mt Dai, and Mt Albert Edward.

Goilalas, wake up and pay some attention to what is happening in Tolukuma Gold Mine and make some hard decissions or we will end up getting K3,000.00 for monthly Royalty payment to be shared amongst God knows how many clans.

Lord Have Mercy on Our Future!!


Since 2012 July, the call out for transparent, honest and vibrant leadership from our MP has done nothing but fallen on deaf ears.

It has by now become so much boring to ask the same question yet again. But hey, someone has got to do it.

The Papua New Guinea Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter Oneil and his Deputy Leo Dion, has made it plain and simple clear that once the acquittals for 2013 are furnished and submitted, and the Department of Monitoring and Planning verifies and assess the projects mentioned in the acquittals, and confirms that the acquittals are accurate and has proof of funds well spent, then the 2014 Funding would be released.

Knowing that our MP Mona and his Officers are really a hard to catch mob, no one can verify whether some form of acquittals have been submitted.

And if these acquittals are been submitted then, what type of projects will the acquittals cover?

Because in Goilala, whole of 2013 DSIP funds have no physical evidence of these funds been expended and utilized. If these K10million from 2013 was used in the Goilala District, we would have seen Schools getting face lifts, classrooms renovated, rebuilt, built, closed schools opened, staff housing built, rebuilt, renovated, maintained and even new schools opened with new classrooms and staff houses built.

We would have seen Aid Posts across Goilala getting some much needed funding which would obviously lead to maintenance works done on the existing Aid Posts and even renovated if needed and new Aid Posts built. Medicine supplies would have been organized and CHW and APOs staff housing would have been given the attention it desperately needs.

Airstrips across the District would have opened up and third level airlines invited to operated throughout the district serving the people air transport services.

Entrepreneurial concepts and initiatives would have been initiated and business opportunities and potential identified and funding made available for Goilala people to access and start up businesses activities to earn a living and be self reliant and independent.

We would have seen communication lines open, with Digicel and Telikom mobile networks extending and stretching widely into the remotest spots in our rugged & mountainous District.

Oh and yes Goilala Highway, which is also known as Mona Highway would have seen at least some much needed maintenance works done to it.

Yes, we have heard on radio, read off the Print media and seen on TV MP Mona has vigorously gone about with the school fees for both Tertiary institutions, colleges, and High school students in 2013 and has continued on from where he left off in 2014.

And he has to be commended and credit for that. But another blog post would be done to inquire on what critter was used to identifying students and schools [esp High Schools and Elementary schools] to then proceed onto funding these schools.

All in all, our Honorable MP, Daniel K Mona has not done his acquittals for 2013 hence it is assume he wont be getting DSIP funds for 2014.

Is this the type of leadership we should live with and put up with? Can we the people of Goilala stand up and demand that our MP comes our in public and tell us what he has been doing for Goilala and her people since July 2012?

It seems everyone both here on Facebook and Social media with our wantoks are shit scared to even move a fly to question the political leadership of today.

It is a sad scenario and a scenario that calls for attention urgently. But no one seem to care on single bit.