Since 2012 July, the call out for transparent, honest and vibrant leadership from our MP has done nothing but fallen on deaf ears.

It has by now become so much boring to ask the same question yet again. But hey, someone has got to do it.

The Papua New Guinea Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter Oneil and his Deputy Leo Dion, has made it plain and simple clear that once the acquittals for 2013 are furnished and submitted, and the Department of Monitoring and Planning verifies and assess the projects mentioned in the acquittals, and confirms that the acquittals are accurate and has proof of funds well spent, then the 2014 Funding would be released.

Knowing that our MP Mona and his Officers are really a hard to catch mob, no one can verify whether some form of acquittals have been submitted.

And if these acquittals are been submitted then, what type of projects will the acquittals cover?

Because in Goilala, whole of 2013 DSIP funds have no physical evidence of these funds been expended and utilized. If these K10million from 2013 was used in the Goilala District, we would have seen Schools getting face lifts, classrooms renovated, rebuilt, built, closed schools opened, staff housing built, rebuilt, renovated, maintained and even new schools opened with new classrooms and staff houses built.

We would have seen Aid Posts across Goilala getting some much needed funding which would obviously lead to maintenance works done on the existing Aid Posts and even renovated if needed and new Aid Posts built. Medicine supplies would have been organized and CHW and APOs staff housing would have been given the attention it desperately needs.

Airstrips across the District would have opened up and third level airlines invited to operated throughout the district serving the people air transport services.

Entrepreneurial concepts and initiatives would have been initiated and business opportunities and potential identified and funding made available for Goilala people to access and start up businesses activities to earn a living and be self reliant and independent.

We would have seen communication lines open, with Digicel and Telikom mobile networks extending and stretching widely into the remotest spots in our rugged & mountainous District.

Oh and yes Goilala Highway, which is also known as Mona Highway would have seen at least some much needed maintenance works done to it.

Yes, we have heard on radio, read off the Print media and seen on TV MP Mona has vigorously gone about with the school fees for both Tertiary institutions, colleges, and High school students in 2013 and has continued on from where he left off in 2014.

And he has to be commended and credit for that. But another blog post would be done to inquire on what critter was used to identifying students and schools [esp High Schools and Elementary schools] to then proceed onto funding these schools.

All in all, our Honorable MP, Daniel K Mona has not done his acquittals for 2013 hence it is assume he wont be getting DSIP funds for 2014.

Is this the type of leadership we should live with and put up with? Can we the people of Goilala stand up and demand that our MP comes our in public and tell us what he has been doing for Goilala and her people since July 2012?

It seems everyone both here on Facebook and Social media with our wantoks are shit scared to even move a fly to question the political leadership of today.

It is a sad scenario and a scenario that calls for attention urgently. But no one seem to care on single bit.


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