An Easter Message of Challenge to GFI Executives. Mr Francis Javia

Dear Goilala Foundation Executives,

It’s been compelling to note that since the duration of the foundations initiation a couple of years back, the leadership has been loosely fragmented in its resolve to achieve its intended goals. Bearing in mind the volume of publicity done prior and during the launching of the foundations intentions at UPNG as was witnessed by multitudes . The name tag that this foundation bears and the drivers behind it gave rise to hope for many knowing the cream of elite goilala’s were driving this for change.

One fact is for certain in that the foundations goals will never be realized if its executives are loosely fragmented to been merely keyboard tigers. The irony is that if the decision makers or the driving force of any organization is disintegrated all over the country, coordination becomes an issue, implementation becomes an issue. If the foundations goal was purely to use social media as a tool to disseminate change in Goilala than I’d render this post as illegitimate and of little relevance.

I am of the opinion that we have nothing to show cause for and we have to be frank about this. Media as we know is an powerful agent of change and whilst we have that it must be complemented with proactive leadership based in a central location that’s hell bent on getting results. Maybe the interim leadership has outlived its time and new person should be at the helm of things but not those with intentions politically. This are basically challenges I perceive to be confronting us.


Source: Mr Francis Javia’s Facebook Wall.




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