Hunt on for “Priest Killers.” – The National May 13th 2014

GOILALA MP Daniel Mona is determined to bring to justice people involved in criminal activities, especially those involved in the “pay-back” killing of a priest last week.

Central provincial police commander Liamo Asi and a team of detectives left for Goilala yesterday to prevent the murder suspects fleeing.

Father Gerry Inao and a catechist were shot dead at Kamulai on Sunday May 4 in what was believed to be a payback killing involving rival tribes in the Goilala mountains.
Inao, a member of a tribe from the area, was buried inside a church at Olivi village after his body was carried back there by his church members.
They had to bury him before police arrived because his body was beginning to decompose.

A team of officers was flown by the district administration last Wednesday to Kamulai to investigate the killing.
They were accompanied by Tapini parish priest Fr Brian Cahill and vicar-general of the Bereina diocese Fr Paul Guy.

“We are working closely with the police to bring these culprits to justice,” Mona said.
“If it means we have to spend money to bring peace to this area of Goilala, we will.
“Goilalas are branded as criminals. It is a slap on the face when leaders are trying to build a good image of Goilala.
“With the support of the police, peace will prevail in the Kunimaipa Valley.
“The district administration and police will ensure that the killings last week plus nine others this year will be thoroughly investigated.”

Mona appealed to the leaders of Kunimaipa Valley to assist police in the investigation.
He said more than K200,000 was spent on the first operation.
“There are policemen on the ground and more will be sent,” he said.


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