GOILALA MP Daniel Mona, says it is expensive to restore peace and order in Guari where a priest was killed recently but he is confident the killers will be brought to justice.

He said a team of public servants and police officers were in
Kamulai to investigate the string of killings there this year including those of Father Gerry Inao and his communion minister two weeks ago.

The team arrived in Tapini last Friday.
“The first operation into the area to retrieve the bodies cost more than K200,000,” he said.

“But I will make sure that the perpetrators are caught and dealt with accordingly.”

He said the public servants would assess the situation and find solutions to the problems existing in the remote areas of the district.

“Communication is a problem  in these areas and we have to know what is happening,” Mona said.
“Life is important. We cannot just go around killing people as is the normal practice,” he said.

Mona said before development could take place, Goilalas must first get their lives in order. “The assessments are for short and long term measures to restore services in the LLG,” he said.

“To make better decisions, we have to have the necessary information.”

He urged the people of Goilala to ask themselves why they had been deprived of government services over the years.

“It is because of our attitude. If we change, Goilala will change and we will receive help,” he said.

“Issues like these are an embarrassment and a major setback for our people.”
Source: The National, Monday 19th May 2014


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