SEVERAL suspects alleged to have been involved in a number of murders, including that of a Catholic priest in the Goilala, Central, have been detained by police.

Two suspects are locked up at the 15-Mile police jail, five at Boa station and a few others at Bereina jail.

Provincial police commander Laimo Asi said 12 police officers had been flown to the area and 10 others sent by road to Tapini a week ago after receiving reports on suspects escaping on foot.

“Police had planned to carry out an operation in that area following the five killings in Bizoa, and a cheque for K58,000 was raised in January but was released to us just this month,” Asi said.

He said killings could have been prevented but he thanked local MP Daniel Mona for his assistance.

“I appreciate Mona and individuals for the invitation to help and according to the district administrator another flight to the area will be on Wednesday to get full reports on the situation,” Asi said.

He said the 12 officers flown to Kumalia had received K200 per day for the 14-day operation.
“My officers are working so hard in order to have those involved in the murder cases brought to justice,” Asi said.

Source: The National, Tuesday May 20th, 2014


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