Goilala MP to hold talks over priest’s murder – Post Courier

Goilala MP Daniel Mona will fly into Tapini station today for a possible intercession with the mediation team on the ground in relation to the murder of a catholic priest earlier this month in Goilala.

Central police taskforce team who were assigned to the operation scene in Guarai LLG (Kunimeipa) had made it possible for the mediation after arresting previous murder suspects in relation to payback killings.

The late priest Fr Jerry Mario from Givene village of the Guari LLG served as a catholic priest for the Kamulai Mission until his untimely death on May 24, 2014, when he was shot dead at close range. He was a victim of the payback killing that has been continuing over the years.

The police personnel were flown into the station by chopper yesterday with previous murder suspects who were arrested along with their confiscated firearms, bows and arrows.

The police personnel said through the mediation, the suspects in the killing of the late priest will be handed over to the police after they had difficulty in rounding up the suspects in the rugged terrain.

Mr Mona applauded the police operation over the last two weeks and said the mediation will be a possible approach to handing over the suspects and also putting an end to the ongoing payback killings.

source: http://dev.postcourier.com.pg/Stories/goilala-mp-to-hold-talks-over-priests-murder/#.U4LLTHYpeSo


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