Goilala District is made up of 3 LLGs – Tapini, Woitape and Guari.

Tapini LLG is the Head Quarters of the Goilala District. And most obviously is the Administrative hub of the District. As such, it has the Districts’ Administrator and the District’s only High School and yes the best brand new state of the art Hospital which was co-funded by Australian Aid and Central Provincial Government under the leadership of former Governor of Central Province Alphone Moroi and was spear headed by the Catholic Church and its Bereina Dioceses.

While not all is rosy in Tapini, at least basic amenities of a HQ for a District is visible.

For example the Goilala Highway, connects Tapini to Port Moresby. Having a main market and a Police Station.

Back in the Post Colonial era and immediately after 1975, Tapini was a bustling, lively and eventful station which had literally every thing required of a place to be tagged a Head Quarters.

Post Office, Court House, Tapini Lodge, functioning telephone systems, 24 hour Hydro, Mini Super Market – LAGU TRADING & MATSIA TRADING, Department of Works Yard and Huge shed which had heavy equipment available for road works, a lively Department of Primary Industries, a Health Centre which was the best back those days. And a committed District Administrator and his troops of equally faithful public servants who lived in Tapini to perform their duties.

The Goilala Highway was well kept, and had trucks running up and down without a hitch. We had racing motor bikes and motor cars raising up and down this dusty roads carefree.

The current state of affairs has seen the DoW shed closed down, Mini Super markets closed down, police station having just a handful of personnel, court house closed, Lodge closed, Hydro closed, health center, DPI closed. Telephone networks and service die a silent agonising death which the Post Office service just extincted.

And all the public servants has migrated to Port Moresby and operate under rain trees in Konedobu.

Woitape and Guari are politically the sub-district Head Quaters of Goilala. They are supposed to be second in command posts/hubs which Tapini gives orders to and these orders are executed out of this locations.

Right now, Guari and Woitape does not have District Manager. Let alone the sub-district administrative office complex are merely a run down hide out used by drug addicts and strayed domesticated and wild animals alike.

For Guari there is no such thing as a Sub-District Office. Because there is none in existence.

No one knows who is the District Manager or the Council Manager is for Guari and Woitape.

If there are basic government services like Health and Education with Postal services and telecommunication service available and is available in Guari and Woitape is really something politicians and their brief case carriers does not care about.

If such is the current scenario of our District then what has the respective political heads of the District that we have voted in consecutively since 1975 done for our District?

Starting with Andrew Ruddaka, Elijah Vino, Camilo Esef, Ajax Bia, Fabine Inne, Mathew Poia, and the current Daniel K Mona.

What has this so call leaders done for Tapini, Guari and Woitape? What has these clowns done for Goilala and her people generally?

It hurts so bad to see these clowns have a high flying life down in Port Moresby and do their thing on TV and print Media and over the air waves, but the actual reality is shitty and so broke down and hurting.

It leaves one to wonder if these guys are really humans and have the commen 5 senses of SIGHT, SMELL, TOUCH, FEEL and TASTE.

Because it seems they lack all of these senses and as such they just live in a world of their own and dont give a slightest of f@cks about what, how, why and where and who of Goilala District and her people.



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