Sources closed to the MP has confirmed that MP Mona and his Officers have had sleepless nights over the last month trying to finalize the 2013-2014 and hand it in before any further funding gets pushed out by the National Government for Goilala District.

This source claims the acquittals are all ready to be handed in this week. As they had the final touches to it over the weekend.

Obviously we will learn about it off the mainstream media in the days ahead.

What will this acquittals cover in areas of projects throughout Goilala is anyone’s guess

We have constantly nagged our MP to come out clear on what he is doing for the people of Goilala and its people but nothing seems forthcoming.

So it would be very interesting to learn of the content of this acquittals and see how the money earmarked for Goilala was used by our MP since taking office in July 2012.


  1. Since July 2012, there has been ZERO MP Mona expenditure of funds in Goilala. Well at least from where I am from.

    Maybe the Tapini LLG folks and Guari LLG folks can refute my statement and prove me wrong with evidence what Mona has done in Goilala since taking office.

    School fees for students in tertiary institutions across PNG seem one area Mona can beat his chest for that. Schools fees for Primary kids in the Kairuku Hiri electorate might be way off the mark because Kairuku Hiri has its own MP. Why spend Goilala people funds there?

    Donating K500,000.00 to the inmates at Bomana… was one hell of a media fenzy event. Word has it that these funds has not reach the prisoners yet.

    And of course the donation to the Rigo Church building. Nothing wrong here however please attend to the needs up in the mountains before heading down the coast.


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