Baruni Death – Over Royalty Payment

A man bled to death after his younger brother stoned him in his sleep. The wife of the deceased, Kewa Kate, said the argument was over royalty payments for the Telikom and Digicel towers at the Tapini station in the Goilala District.

3 thoughts on “Baruni Death – Over Royalty Payment

  1. Greed and selfishness and a miss-guided sense of deserve something as a birth-right… Only some kings and queens have this privilege and they do a lot to earn this concession…

    1. Amongst a host of things, Baruni Dump and Six Mile dump happening just keep sending us the Goilalas back into the stone ages.

      Its partly our own doing and the doing of our leaders.

      However I still fail to come to terms as to why we find ourselves in such locations/sites.

      I know a couple of people would already say, yeah right, since you are educated and working, why can’t I help them out.

      The point is, there are other better means and way we can help each other. We the small people can come up with initiatives to help ourselves move away from these spots.

      But we are just plain lazy and we expect someone else to come and help solve our problems. In this clip, the plea is been made to Michael Micheal Malabag and MP for Goiilala Daniel K Mona to help rescue these people.

      I still think 90% of the issue/problem lays with the people themselves. Until that 90% is solved, no one will ever solve this problem.

  2. Oh Goilala..It hurts me more when people stereotype us, saying all the negetivities.

    The dumps and settlements will always be for us, ONLY if we are stubborn to the changes arround us…

    A little sacrifice can pay handsomely.

    If a father can sacrifice his entire childhood, eating mangoes & collecting can tins while attending school to have a decent teaching job, to give his children a decent life afterwards,,, why cannot other parents be like that????

    This young generation will gradually change the way people think about Goilala in the future …

    Parents please bring your children up with love, care. and christian principles ..

    Untill this actually takes effect, Goilala will always be the way others view it..change the mentality, and we’ll change for better!


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