Tolukuma Gold Mine has been in operation in our District for more than a decade now.

1995 is the year I recall when Tolukuma Gold Mine came into operation. And since that time until now various operators have come in and gone leaving Goilalas, especially the local landowners and surround areas virtually unchanged.

Woitape Local Level Government council been the host LLG has no visible sign of the so called TGM SSD grants been turned into something physical for people to see, touch, feel and use. Nothing tangible has been built or developed to enforce the community obligation that the TGM operator(s) has had over the years.

Goilala District, precisely Tolukuma Gold Mine, should be better termed as a GOLD WHORE where by losers and cheap thieves can come and sleep out a night with her, suck out all the juice that the previous client left of her and leave the next day only to make way for the next thirsty blood sucking low life.

But that is not to say the clients [operators] that come in to operate and extract the Gold from under the rocks and mountains of Tolukuma are merely penny less clients. If they can come from far and wide just to get a piece of the pie, no ordinary man would travel such a distance. Only the rich and experienced with a bag full of money can travel such a distance.

So where is the problem then that every operator of TGM since 1995 has one thing in common. They have left Tolukuma Gold Mine and its surrounding areas literally un-developed and under-developed

So it’s not really the fault of the operators is it?

What if the problem is with the people? The so called Land owners, their leaders, the elders, their educated folks and of course the elected representatives – LO chairman and his executives plus the political representatives.

Since 1995, what has the LOs done to demand a fair share of the pie? What has the LO Association executives with their respective Chairman done to put it plainly to the TGM Operators what they want done in compensation for their Gold been extracted? What has the educated elites from Goilala done to help up the frequency and professional approach in ensuring the best benefits are channeled to the locals and Goilala District at large? What has the elected representatives done since the time of Camilo Esef through to the current MP Daniel K Mona done to ensure TGM Operators are fully aware of what is expected of them in as far as Goilala Districts development aspirations are concern?

What has the Central Provincial Government done to assist the people of Goilala to negotiate a better deal for them?

Is the National Government honestly genuine in the way they are monitoring the performance of TGM Operators and ensuring they operate within the confines of the Land’s Constitution?

While we might be blaming our plight and lack of development to the operators, we must all know that an operator is here as a businessman. All he is interested in is making profit. If we as the owners of the Gold cannot press hard enough, he is happy as a puppy to make more profit, all thanks to our ignorance.

We must learn to speak up. We must learn to press harder and demand a fair share of the whole pie. We must demand action from our elected representatives. We must not lay down low and be a push over. We must stand up and demand and be steadfast with our demand. And not move an inch.

If we cannot demand for a better deal in this whole extraction business, operations will only be happy to rape us more and leave us high and dry.

They would not give a rats’ ass if we are well off or worse off. Its none of their business. It is our responsibility as resource owners to make it known to them that it is their business to ensure our demands are met and met adequately.


  1. Rape Us. We Like It. Please Keep Going.

  2. Id like to use a more polite term…REAP…we are and have been grotesquely reaped, exploited, monopolized and made to look like cheap human beings…Come on Goilala, its about time we put a stop to this injustice that is occurring to us. We cannot let Tolokuma problems be a fight for the landowners and workers only…Educated elites wake up and do something. Our resources are depleted whilst almost not tangible developments are happening in the district as whole…

    1. Thank You Odila Peto.
      We need to rise up and be a equal participants in decission making processes and events in as far as Goilalas future is concern. We as citizens have the right to be informed, and be partners in the whole process. Whether the project is directly on our land or not, been from Goilala, we have the constitutional right and the birth right to be involved.

  3. Can the Land Owners request for a MOA review to address some of their issues???

    Or otherwise, take the operators to court for breaching the M.O.A..if so.


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