POLICE investigators working on the killing of a Catholic priest in Goilala last month need urgent funding to finalise the investigations and make further arrests.

Central Police have commended Goilala MP Daniel Mona for providing assistance in the initial stages of their investigations but say they need more money to complete the job.

In the police incident report presented yesterday, it was now recommended that the following issues be considered immediately to allow for the 2nd Phase of this Police Operation:

  • Police investigation team to return to the crime scene and collect more witness statements;
  • Crime scene had to be re-visited and medical practitioner to examine deaths and make available medical report; and
  • Outstation suspect needs to be negotiated for surrender.

The incident report reveals that the investigation is currently in its initial stages, therefore theseg recommendations must be seriously considered.

The priest was killed in what is believed to be a payback killing in the remote district.

2 thoughts on “PRIEST’S DEATH PROBE NEEDS “MORE” FUNDING – Post Courier

  1. MP Mona begged for more FUNDING from Police Minister and got what he wanted. And funded this operation.

    Now the Police is asking for more funding to complete the investigation.

    So does that mean what the Police Ministry – aka NEC – gave to Mona was never adequate to fund the whole operation?

    Something is missing or am the one not reading properly.


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